Tuende Pamoja "Let's Move Forward Together" (Tanzania)


Kisampa is a private community conservation sanctuary that adjoins the unique coastal Saadani National Park in eastern Tanzania. Conserving this area is the passion of Epic's own Rob Barbour.

Here Rob and his family have made their own home and developed a small eco friendly lodge, with the lightest, most delicate footprint. This endeavour is hand in hand with the local community - engaging in socially and environmentally responsible tourism that helps to protect the area and brings money and resources directly to the community.

One of the projects is the sponsoring of underprivileged children to receive a secondary education at various schools adjacent to Kisampa. Through Kisampa's Tuende Pamoja Trust Fund ("Let's move forward together" in Kiswahili), they have facilitated the sponsorship of children who would normally not have the means to go to secondary school because they are orphaned, from non-working single-parent families, or are deemed 'poorer than poor' (as decided by their own communities).

A secondary education in Tanzania costs US$ 250 per child, per year, for five years at a government school. This includes their school fees, any accommodation allowances, food, a uniform, a pair of shoes and a solar light to study by at night as there is no electricity in the village. Through the Tuende Pamoja Trust Fund, over 100 children are currently sponsored at three different secondary schools - all due to the generosity of clients coming to Tanzania. Epic Private Journeys has played a leading role in helping to attract some of this sponsorship.

Crafting Africa's Future


Crafting Africa's Future is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting African artisans and the communities in which they live. The organisation is committed to sustainable community development by purchasing their crafts, and through the support of community-based health care, education and development initiatives. Proceeds from the sale of artisan crafts are combined with general donations and re-invested in the most disadvantaged communities, thus ensuring that the people of Africa are at the heart of change.

In 2005, Daniel Seder was just 13 when he travelled to Africa with Epic Private Journeys on what turned out to be a truly inspirational trip. Upon his return home, he set up this initiative and has been supporting communities through his efforts since.



Yalari supports Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities throughout Australia in gaining access to a first-class secondary education via scholarships at some of the country's leading boarding schools.

Established in 2005, Yalari now supports 180 children around Australia enrolled in 34 partnership schools. Yalari was founded by Indigenous educator Waverley Stanley and his wife Llew Mullins. Waverley's own experience of attending boarding school at Toowoomba Grammar School over 20 years ago started him on the Yalari journey. With a target to raise over $20 million to support Indigenous students over the next ten years, Yalari draws its support from individual benefactors, companies, philanthropic foundations and government departments.

Yalari provides programmes which break the cycles of poverty, abuse or other misfortune by educating our children, with the belief that by educating a child you ultimately make the world a better place for all.

Humpty Dumpty Foundation


The Humpty Dumpty Foundation was officially established in 1996 to support children's services at Royal North Shore Hospital. Due to the overwhelming corporate and community assistance Humpty now supports over 60 children's hospitals and health services across Australia and two children's hospitals in East Timor.

Epic Private Journeys co-operated the 2009 "Humpty's Kili Club" climb of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to further raise funds.

R.E.N.E.W. - Respect Educate Nurture & Empower Women


Epic supports the work of RENEW, a grass roots, not for profit organisation established by Queen Ashi Choden Sangay Wangchuk and dedicated to the development of women and children in Bhutan. The organisation is committed to preserving the valuable traditional skills of Bhutanese women such as weaving and textile production and a number of these projects are developing opportunities for women to showcase their work and creating markets for it. Let Epic arrange for a representative from RENEW to meet you and escort you to the Queen's weaving centre and textile museum. Meet the women who have been supported by the programme, hear their stories and learn more about what RENEW is doing in some of the most remote corners of the kingdom.

Carolyn Hamer-Smith (Epic's Bhutan Specialist) has also had the rare privilege of living and working in Bhutan for two years as a consultant for the United Nations World Food Programme. During this time Carolyn trekked into some of Bhutan's most remote corners as part of her work with the School Feeding Programme, visiting schools three or four days walk from the road.

Carolyn's work with the United Nations also exposed her to the work of RENEW. In 2008, whilst escorting a group to Bhutan (to witness the Coronation of the 5th King which co-insided with celebrations marking 100 years of the monarchy), she was officially invited by Her Majesty to become an International Ambassador for RENEW. Carolyn has worked in both Japan and Australia since, advocating the work of Her Majesty and RENEW and develops touring programmes that offer guests a unique, hands-on opportunity to connect with the people of Bhutan through visiting RENEW projects and meeting the women that the projects support.

If you would like to learn more of these projects and support the women of Bhutan, please contact us.

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