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An epic journey to magical Madagascar
Sep 11 2018 Written by: Rob Barbour Photography: Rob Barbour
Understanding the geological history of Madagascar helps explain why it is so unique. Part of the original 'Gondwana land', Madagascar split from India approximately 88 million years ago. Wildlife has evolved independently since. This explains the 80% endemicity of Madagascar’s birds, reptiles and mammals...this wild land is also known as the Indian Ocean's Galapagos. [Read More]
From The Field
Extraordinary Ethiopia
Rob was excited to return to Ethiopia in April with a group of Australians. This was an opportunity to show well travelled people something new and extraordinary - and our varied & tailored itinerary took in the diverse culture and history, amazing wildlife and incredible scenery that Ethiopia has to offer...

Australia in 21 days- an epic journey by private jet
A handcrafted journey for sisters travelling & experiencing Australia together, this epic 21 day itinerary showcased the diversity of Australia‘s epic landscapes...
Journey of a lifetime - Antarctica 2018
Watch Epic's amazing trip of a lifetime to Antarctica in early 2018 and view some of Brad and Heather's stunning images of the white continent. And find out how you can join us in 2019.
How climbing Kili can change your life
How climbing Kili can change your life. Mount Kilimanjaro is 'everyman's Everest'.
Read how this epic journey to the summit of Africa's highest mountain impacted a family and private guide, Rob Barbour earlier this year.
Epic Everest - Update 22 The Summit
After a few surreal days on and back at Everest Base Camp, Brad recounts his epic Mount Everest summit experience. Read on and see some of the amazing summit pictures.
Epic Everest - Update 21 Journey to the Summit
Brad Horn and the entire AC Everest Expedition team have successfully summited Mt Everest in the early hours of this morning! - for Brad, 4.00am, local time in Nepal. Congratulations to Brad and the team and the amazing sherpas who delivered them to the top of the world. Read the journey to the summit as updated by AC dispatches throughout the night.
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