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How climbing Kili can change your life
Jun 05 2018 Written by: Private guide Rob Barbour Photography: Rob Barbour
How climbing Kili can change your life. Mount Kilimanjaro is 'everyman's Everest'.
Read how this epic journey to the summit of Africa's highest mountain impacted a family and private guide, Rob Barbour earlier this year. [Read More]
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Epic Everest - Update 22 The Summit
After a few surreal days on and back at Everest Base Camp, Brad recounts his epic Mount Everest summit experience. Read on and see some of the amazing summit pictures.
Epic Everest - Update 21 Journey to the Summit
Brad Horn and the entire AC Everest Expedition team have successfully summited Mt Everest in the early hours of this morning! - for Brad, 4.00am, local time in Nepal. Congratulations to Brad and the team and the amazing sherpas who delivered them to the top of the world. Read the journey to the summit as updated by AC dispatches throughout the night.
Epic Everest - Update 20 Heading up! Everest summit plan
Heading up! It's all systems go as Brad and the Everest expedition team now head up the mountain for their 3rd rotation and Everest summit attempt. Read the summit plan here - of course, all subject to weather conditions and everything going well. We wish the team well for safe climbing.
Epic Everest - Update 19 Pre-summit waiting game
Pre-summit waiting game and rest days. With the final acclimatisation rotation complete, it is now a waiting game for the Everest expedition team's summit attempt. After a thunderstorm across Base Camp, Brad has helicoptered to Namche to spend a few days in thicker air resting and enjoying coffee.
Epic Everest - Update 18 Acclimatisation Rotation 2
Brad and the expedition team are back at Everest Base Camp after completing acclimisation rotation 2. What an experience climbing the Lhotse Face and 'touching' Camp 3...
Epic Everest - Update 17 EBC Rest Days & Rotation 2 Prep
EBC rest days & rotation 2 prep. Brad and the expedition team have spent the past 5 days resting at Base Camp and preparing for acclimatisation rotation 2. Rotation 2 is now underway and the summit attempt follows this.
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