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Heaven on Earth
Papua New Guinea
Mar 09 2009 Written by: Pedro O'Connor
If there is a Heaven on Earth I think I found it. Located on the north east coast of Papua New Guinea is the amazing geological region known as the Tufi Fiords. They are not glacial fiords, but riais, formed eons ago when three massive volcanoes erupted simultaneously spewing fingers of molten lava down the slopes into the crystal clear waters of the Solomon Sea. These calm water havens are home to the Oro people who still live a self subsistence lifestyle in this Peter Pan movie backdrop. The verdant, equatorial jungle marches to the ocean shore, where you can swim ... [Read More]
From The Field
Kokoda Trail
I just undertook a crossing of the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. A superb trek into the heartland of New Guinea, the trail holds a very special place in Australian military history. This is where the Japanese drive south was halted in 1942 and the myth of Japanese invincibility obliterated. Covering 96 kilometres of pristine rainforest, the track covers arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world. It is a demanding endeavour with, in excess of, 10,000 metres of uphill. The group covered the track in quicker than usual time taking five and a half days, ...