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Oct 04 2013 Written by: Marg O'Connor
Flores – the Island of Flowers – in Indonesia is one of the friendliest places on the planet! The distant sound of "hello mister" accompanies you wherever you go on the island. Situated to the east of Bali, with a population of 1.8 million it is home to the famous Komodo Dragons. The simple subsistence lifestyle allows life to crawl by at a very relaxed pace. We started our Flores adventure in Labuan Bajo on the western side of the island. It felt like we had landed, not only in paradise, but on the set of a "Pirates of the Caribbean" ... [Read More]
From The Field
Barossa & Clare Valleys
A visit to Australia’s premier wine region, the Barossa and Clare Valleys, never disappoints. The mild Mediterranean climate, rich soils and sunny skies makes for a gourmet food and wine experience that is second to none. Situated to the north-east of Adelaide in South Australia the Barossa and Clare Valleys are unlike any other wine regions in the world, with 150 years of tradition and culture, fuelled by centuries of European experience. While the entire Barossa region is renowned for its luscious shiraz, the Clare and Eden Valley's cooler climates produce what are regarded as some of the best rieslings in ...
Arkaba Station
If I was asked to name one of my favourite destinations in Australia, Arkaba Station in the Flinders Ranges would be in my top 10. The rawness of the ancient landscape moulded by millions of years of geological activity and weathering has produced some of Australia’s most spectacular outback scenery. Arkaba is a 60,000 acre sheep ‘station’; its craggy sandstone bluffs and dry creek beds lined with River Red Gums are a quintessential Australian scene. For wildlife watching, bush-walking, photography, Aboriginal rock art or just soaking up the sights and sounds of outback Australia, the Flinders is in a class of ...
A Return to the Zambezi
My first job in the safari industry was building and managing a small safari camp in Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park. It was 1996 and I was a very green 22 year old who had just finished university and really didn't know very much about anything at all! I lasted 6 months before the daily challenges of living and working in such an isolated and remote place eventually became too much. The job required someone more experienced and I needed to somewhere that I could be trained and mentored. In May this year, I returned to the Lower Zambezi for the ...
Out of Season Travel
Most people travel to Africa during the drier months to escape the rain and mud and to easier see the wildlife which normally concentrates around the water courses. With the shorter, drier grass and the concentration of wildlife - often the sitings are more prevalent, Having said this there are plenty of good reasons not to follow this widely held logic as was illustrated so perfectly for me when I traveled to the Ndutu area of the southern Serengeti in late April. Traditionally Ndutu is supposedly at it's best between December and March when the vast herds of migrating wildebeest congregate on ...
Uganda - Kidepo National Park
Where northern Uganda borders Southern Sudan, in the land of the infamous Karamojong cattle herders and raiders is a little known piece of paradise called Kidepo National Park. This is an area that is as remote as you can get in Uganda. We found a place that both of us feel we could return to many times due to the incredible vistas, superb general wildlife viewing, and incredible birdlife ( 74 species seen in a day) some of which are endemic just to that area. All this and just one lodge so you feel as if you have the place to yourself. ...
Leopards Mating in the Mara - Client Images
To follow on from the last post, Epic client Stella has just sent us some more amazing photographs of her recent safari in Kenya, this time of leopards mating. Besides this amazing sighting, they had quite the action-packed trip: "... a huge 22 strong pride of lions fanning out for a kill; a lion cub not yet introduced back into the pride by its mother. We saw 2 male lions feeding on a poor young giraffe that they had just taken off a lioness; hyenas and vultures fighting over left-overs; male cheetah trying to mate with a young cheetah mother but ...