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Qualia and One&Only Hayman Island
Aug 27 2014 Written by: Kait Daly
Reported by Kait Daly, Digital Marketing Manager, Epic Private Journeys Beaches are my thing. I grew up in a beach town in New Jersey and when I was a kid I was fortunate enough to travel to several Caribbean islands with my family. I have travelled pretty extensively the past few years (a perk of my previous job) to several incredible beaches from Central America to the French West Indies, but never Australia. I picked up and moved to Brisbane five months ago with many goals and dreams, one of course being to visit the Great Barrier Reef. You can imagine my ... [Read More]
From The Field
Lion Cubs and Cheetah Sightings
Rob Barbour’s wife Jackie and their children are in the Southern Serengeti at the moment. Jackie reports from Ndutu: This morning my daugter, Sarah and I went out on an early-morning game drive. We took our breakfast boxes and headed for the marsh to see what would come down to drink. Thankfully we have been given the use of a safari vehicle from Ndutu Lodge and we are very grateful for the opportunity to go out and spot some game. The sun was just rising when we set off and when we arrived at the marsh all was very still and quiet. ...
Wild Dog Pups in the Southern Serengeti
This week I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of six, 1 month old wild dogs. We spotted the pups in a pack of 12 adult dogs at a den not far from Ndutu. The Alpha female is the mother but the rest of the pack takes responsibility for feeding the puppies. The adults hunt and feed the pups their regurgitated meat to help the pups mature. It was a great day as we came across a male cheetah on the way home who unsuccessfully attempted to hunt some Grant’s Gazelle. More updates to come soon!
Elephants cool off at Ndutu
It was a hot, dry day at Ndutu as the wind whipped up a swirling cloud of soda ash from the dry pans. Clearly the family herd of elephants were thirsty as they made their way purposely towards the sweet, fresh water of the Big Marsh. Their pace gathered in anticipation but they had to be conscious of the slower pace of their newest member - a calf less than a year old who was doing its best to stay with its mother. As they reached the water, the excited growls and rumbles could be heard amongst the splashes as the elephants ...
Africa is not always about the wildlife
Africa is not always about the wildlife. Last week I was at Kisampa Camp on the edge of the Saadani National Park. This is the village wildlife conservancy I founded in the village of Matipwili. I was hosting a school group of thirty 15 and 16 year olds and their teachers from Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) in Perth, Western Australia. Scotch and PLC have been coming to Tanzania on their “Young Ambassador” trips and visiting Kisampa and Matipwili over the last 10 years and have developed a special relationship with the community and the school children there. On this trip, the ...
Safari in the Southern Serengeti
Over the next three weeks I will have the pleasure of assistant-managing Ndutu Safari Lodge in the Ndutu Area of the southern Serengeti ecosystem. I will be spending some quality time in the bush with my family, as well as exploring some of the unique offerings in this part of Africa. Ndutu is very busy from a tourism perspective December through to April when the wildebeest herds congregate to give birth after the long rains have turned the volcanic dust into vast, short grass plains. As a result, there is a massive congregation of predators – lion, cheetah, wild dog and hyena – that take ...
Spicers Hidden Vale
Last weekend, the Epic Australian team hit the road and headed west for a quick weekend getaway at Spicers Hidden Vale. Spicers Hidden Vale is a luxurious country retreat about an hour’s drive outside of Brisbane, Queensland. With 31 rooms in total, the accommodations are designed in the style of a traditional Australian Station aka Ranch homestead from a bygone era, featuring beautifully restored cottages scattered throughout the grounds. Spicers Hidden Vale sits on 12,000 acres of true Australian Bush with nothing but the miles and miles of untouched, glorious countryside in sight. The property also features a working cattle farm that elicits ...
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