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Cheetah Hunt - Client Images
Masai Mara, Kenya
Oct 15 2012 Written by: Brad Horn
An Epic client recently wrote to us to express their thanks for a "truly amazing" safari. They spent the bulk of their trip in the Masai Mara and enjoyed action every day. "In one word, it was amazing!! - so many and varied experiences. I started selecting some photos to send to you to capture some special moments, but it was hopeless - I ended up with nearly 100 photos!!! So, for now I have sent you pics of a successful and unsuccessful hunt from 2 different cheetah mothers - one a mother of 2, the other a mother of 4. ... [Read More]
From The Field
Moved by Rwanda - Recovery and Optimism
Being able to guide first time travellers to Africa is one of those experiences I get immense pleasure from. I have yet to meet anyone who has not had been profoundly touched and influenced by the experience. Most people make the decision to travel to Africa to see the amazing big game and they are rarely disappointed. However most people take away a lot more than that and often their most memorable experiences relate to the many amazing people they meet in villages on farms or in the hospitality industry as they move around - the waiters, the chefs who conjeur ...
All Creatures Great and Small
Zambia may not be top of most safari-goers list of destinations but the country offers an impressive list of possible adventures, activities and special places that should be considered when considering any trip to Africa. Victoria Falls and the Lower Zambezi (both shared with Zimbabwe) and a wide range of beautiful and remote wildlife areas which arguably may be the home of the original walking safaris. I recently had the pleasure of spending time in Zambia where my clients were able to experience a range of activities from our first base at Livingstone close to the Victoria Falls, then South Luangwa ...
Tanzanian Family Adventure - Biking Through Maasailand
I have just completed a 10 day family adventure safari in Northern Tanzania with a wonderful Australian family. We successfully combined culture with wildlife and meaningful activities making for a trip as varied and exciting as it comes. For me the highlights were riding through Maasailand and being the ones being stared at rather than the other way around! The great aspect of biking that people perhaps don’t initially expect is the serendipity of the encounters that we have with local people. That was especially true on this trip. The other reason I am always glad to be a part of ...
Croc Bides its Time with a Thirsty Herd
It was late June and we had judged that the bulk of the wildebeest migration should be around the Grumeti River in the western Serengeti. Flying in we soon saw that we had timed it to perfection, with herds of thousands upon thousands of wildebeest covering the plains both north and south of the river. Once on the ground and in our safari vehicle, we found what looked to be a good drinking spot. There were a few wildebeest drinking already, and within minutes an enormous herd started moving down, with thousands of anxious wildebeests eager to quench their thirst. They ...
Leopard Cubs, Rhinos and Owls
I have just returned from guiding a lovely family through the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The below snaps are a mere gesture to the variety and amount of game we encountered. The leopard cub and its sibling were being chased by a male lion and sought refuge in a tree. Both survived. Also below is a Scops owl taking a snooze at Olivers Camp, Tarangire. The cheetah chase picture was actually taken by 10 year old Ella Lewis with my Nikon camera and 300mm lense while I was giving some basic photography lessons. ...
Anita's Okavango Experience
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Okavango Delta for the first time. Hailing from Kenya, and being a specialist on all things East African, I was excited to see for myself what makes the Delta unique. On arrival in Maun, we took a 20 mins flight by light aircraft into the Delta – spectacular views! I landed on Jao island and was met by the manager of Kwetsani Camp, we jumped on a boat and 20 mins later through the reeds and beautiful water lilies we arrived at the jetty. As we got to the jetty we received a ...