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Africa is not always about the wildlife
Young Ambassadors visit Kisampa Camp in Saadani National Park
Jul 13 2014 Written by: Rob Barbour
Africa is not always about the wildlife. Last week I was at Kisampa Camp on the edge of the Saadani National Park. This is the village wildlife conservancy I founded in the village of Matipwili. I was hosting a school group of thirty 15 and 16 year olds and their teachers from Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) in Perth, Western Australia. Scotch and PLC have been coming to Tanzania on their “Young Ambassador” trips and visiting Kisampa and Matipwili over the last 10 years and have developed a special relationship with the community and the school children there. On this trip, the ... [Read More]
From The Field
Safari in the Southern Serengeti
Over the next three weeks I will have the pleasure of assistant-managing Ndutu Safari Lodge in the Ndutu Area of the southern Serengeti ecosystem. I will be spending some quality time in the bush with my family, as well as exploring some of the unique offerings in this part of Africa. Ndutu is very busy from a tourism perspective December through to April when the wildebeest herds congregate to give birth after the long rains have turned the volcanic dust into vast, short grass plains. As a result, there is a massive congregation of predators – lion, cheetah, wild dog and hyena – that take ...
Spicers Hidden Vale
Last weekend, the Epic Australian team hit the road and headed west for a quick weekend getaway at Spicers Hidden Vale. Spicers Hidden Vale is a luxurious country retreat about an hour’s drive outside of Brisbane, Queensland. With 31 rooms in total, the accommodations are designed in the style of a traditional Australian Station aka Ranch homestead from a bygone era, featuring beautifully restored cottages scattered throughout the grounds. Spicers Hidden Vale sits on 12,000 acres of true Australian Bush with nothing but the miles and miles of untouched, glorious countryside in sight. The property also features a working cattle farm that elicits ...
Epic Talks Cape Town
Lindy Scholtz and I had the pleasure of travelling to Cape Town following the Indaba Travel Show in Durban, South Africa in May. The Cape region is a great travel destination at any time of the year due to the spectacular scenery, the variety of the activities, the poignant South African history, the incredible food and wine and contemporary smorgasbord of cultures that have come together on the southern-most tip of Africa. May is Autumn in southern Africa, an incredibly beautiful time of year with the leaves turning gold, yellow and red, and cool evenings perfect for spending time in front of ...
A Busy Week in The Botswana Bush
I have just arrived back from Africa, where I spent a very busy week in Botswana. I saw 13 different camps in 7 days. This kind of travel is essential for us to be able to maintain our level of knowledge of the different camps as well as the overall safari experience in these areas. As you might imagine though, it isn't exactly relaxing but regardless it is always wonderful to be in the pristine wilderness areas of northern Botswana. Despite the fact that I was rushing around (certainly not the recommended way to experience a safari!) I was also ...
Epic Everest Final Update
29 April: Apologies for having been incommunicado the last couple of days. We have not had any internet service to post news. This will be the final blog post of our trip. For those that have been following the blog, you will know that our Everest endeavour will not be going ahead. The recent tragedy and continuing instability of the ice fall preclude safe passage. Also, the Sherpa guides are not prepared to cross the icefall as a sign of respect to their fallen comrades. We whole-heartedly support their decision (In fact, we heard that yesterday morning there was another avalanche on ...
Epic Everest Update #11
26 April: Spent the day at Base camp. A lot of movement happening with teams pulling off the mountain. It felt like we were in a Fire Support Base in Vietnam with the amount of helicopter traffic. A fair amount of this was ferrying teams to Camps I and II to recover equipment. Regretfully, our summit attempt of Everest will not be going ahead. In light of the recent tragedy and the continuing instability of the Khumbu Iceflow, all expeditions are pulling out. We had a long chat with our lead Sherpa today, Panuru Sherpa (who has summited Everest 10 times) this ...
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