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An Epic South Australian Experience
May 24 2017 Written by: Pedro O'Connor, Kirstine Dawson, and Leigh Squire
Epic’s Australia Inbound team recently discovered the best of South Australia thanks to South Australia Tourism Commission. Here are at least 3 reasons to visit this beautiful part of Australia… [Read More]
From The Field
Epic Flores – dragons, diving & trekking in Indonesia
Indonesia, a very close neighbour to Australia, is made up of 17,000 islands brimming with unique cultures and magnificent scenery, yet most people only know about Bali. Pedro recently experienced the Komodo Islands and Flores, gateway to Komodo National Park. Read about this amazing, relatively undiscovered destination in eastern Indonesia, home to deserted beaches, komodo dragons and world-class diving...
Hiking in Patagonia with Epic
Most people recognise Patagonia as a mysterious place deep in South America or a brand of adventure gear for serious hikers. Patagonia is a unique destination, home to a famous wilderness trek in the mountainous Torres del Paine National Park. The trek is locally known as the W trek, given to the W shaped track that interlinks the 3 Granite Towers, the French Valley, and the Grey Glacier. The trek is approximately 70 kilometres (43 miles) in total distance and is one of the most scenic treks in the world...
An Epic Journey into Antarctica
Read about Epic's amazing journey to the Antarctica Peninsula in 2017.
Epic Journeys - Newsletter Update 2017
A update on some of Epic's journeys from the past 6 months and into 2017. Featuring a word from Brad and the latest from our guides in the field - from Australia, Indonesia, Africa, North and South America and India, Bhutan and Nepal.
Ultimate Australia in 28 Days
Pedro recently privately guided a Texan couple on a 28 day ultimate Australia journey. Travelling the length and breadth of the country by private jet, they were blessed with mainly good weather, ranging from 45 degrees in The Kimberley to snow in Tasmania in the south...
Venturing into ‘the Heart of Darkness’ – Africa’s Congo
Epic's Rob Barbour ventures into this little known African country on an exploratory trip with fellow intrepid travellers. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has a checkered past and was brought famously into our consciousness by Joseph Conrad's book ‘The Heart of Darkness’. Rob tells us about active volcanoes, gorilla encounters and trekking into the unknown.
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