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An Epic Ugandan Safari
Apr 15 2014 Written by: Rob Barbour
Rob Barbour from Epic Private Journeys here. I have just returned from a fabulous couple of weeks in Uganda, guiding a group of 8 people who were experiencing this magical country for the first time. Uganda is unique in that not only is it a great destination to see the few remaining mountain gorillas, but it also offers chimpanzee trekking and the opportunity to view several other primate species. We visited the remote Kidepo National Park in north-eastern Uganda to add a more traditional safari component to the trip. Kidepo National Park has large herds of buffalo and good numbers of lion that prey on ... [Read More]
From The Field
Epic Everest Update #1
It has been a pretty intense couple of months on the training front in preparation for the climb. I have continued doing what I ordinarily do; weights, swimming, cycling and running but have supplemented this with some more specific training. I have been doing 3 pack trekking sessions a week. At least one of those has been walking a nearby hill near my home, Gower St, with my pack on dragging a tyre. Ordinarily I do 15/16 repetitions of the hill which takes me I hour 30 minutes. Must say you get some pretty strange looks from people driving past. ...
An 'Active' Safari through Northern Tanzania
In July this year, I accompanied a wonderful family from the US on an active safari through northern Tanzania. This included a mix of mountain biking and walking through community wildlife conservancies and rural areas, hiking in the Ngorongoro highlands as well as more traditional safari and game viewing through Tarangire, Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. This safari offering is unique. Being on bikes and on foot it allows for plenty of wonderful, spontaneous and absolutely authentic cultural interaction. There were times when we would ride through a small village and all the villagers would line the road ...
Climbing Kilimanjaro
I am a safari guide, and climbing mountains has never really been my focus. However, having lived and loved Africa as long as I have, Mt Kilimanjaro was always something that I had wanted to do, and in July the dream became reality. As a ‘novice’ climber I was concerned about how my body would adjust to the altitude. With a brand new baby daughter in the family, I was also concerned that I hadn’t put enough time and effort into my pre-climb fitness regime. As it turned out, I did manage to summit, as did all of our group and ...
Wildman Wilderness Lodge
Pedro and I were privileged to stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge and experience the Northern Territory (NT) at its best. Everything in NT is big – the landscapes are expansive, the crocodiles are enormous, the anthills resemble small high-rise buildings, the storm clouds tower above the horizon and the hospitality is extremely warm and welcoming. Wildman Wilderness Lodge is an intimate safari-style lodge situated about 170 kilometres (about 2 hours drive) from Darwin. The lodge comprises of a central lodge, 10 air-conditioned cabins (‘Habitats’) and 15 Safari Tents, all which en-suite bathrooms. The view from your room is across the floodplain ...
Lord Howe Island
Lord Howe Island – the island that time forgot. Set foot on Lord Howe Island and you take a step back to a time when you knew your neighbour’s names and were always welcomed with a friendly "g’day". Lord Howe Island sits in the Pacific Ocean about 700 kilometres north-east of Sydney and boasts a population of 300 permanent residents, as well as rugged volcanic peaks, lush forests, rolling surf and serene lagoons. It is surrounded by the southern-most coral reef in the world and gained World Heritage listing in recognition of its pristine natural heritage. Around 75% of the island ...
Lizard Island
Lizard Island – the jewel of the Great Barrier Reef – is the most luxurious place to relax, recharge and explore the underwater wonderland of corals and sea creatures. With 24 powder white sand beaches it truly is the perfect place to lose yourself. There are not many islands on the Great Barrier Reef that you can snorkel from your doorstep, but on Lizard Island you can. Catering to only 82 guests (13 years and over) at any one time it is very easy to find a secluded beach to enjoy a picnic lunch and really feel like you are the ...