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Leadership Development

The principles of sound and effective leadership remain the same, regardless of the organisation or role. An ECE Leadership Development programme is focussed on outcomes that deliver an enhanced practical understanding of the key fundamentals of effective leadership, enabling leaders to evolve and build their capacity to deal with challenges. Our sessions are offered in a range of formats and are suitable for all levels— CEO to front line, strategic to operational. In tailoring these sessions we deliver an understanding of:

• Practical leadership fundamentals— what works in practice and how it relates to a range of key leadership theories and models

• Individual leadership role awareness— determining what the key elements of leading an effective team are, including an appreciation of the differences between Management and Leadership

• How to manage conflicts and challenges, including coaching, performance management and how to have those “difficult”conversations

• Activities that highlight the importance of effective communication and the need for a leader to know themselves and their team

Team Effectiveness

To maintain a productive workforce, ensure customer satisfaction and achieve positive business outcomes, it is important that teams work together and everyone feels valued and engaged. Our Team Effectiveness programme aligns the entire team to ensure they are all motivated, focussed and committed to maximise opportunities for innovation, growth and impact on a larger scale.

The most highly effective and productive teams are those that are unified. Combining our Team Effectiveness programme into an Epic Corporate Experience adds further value and enables a high level of team unification. Getting off-site and focussed is an ideal way for your executive team to review and redesign your approach. 

Coaching, Planning & Facilitation

Coaching, planning and facilitation support helps individuals and teams to achieve exceptional business performance and sustained competitive advantage. ECE brings extensive real-life business experience and insight to deliver practical and powerful coaching solutions. 

At ECE we recognise that no two situations are the same. Using our extensive, broad-based expertise, we work collaboratively with you to tailor a solution to suit your individual situation. ECE provides a hands-on experience and offers presentations or coaching themes that address:

• The importance of having a Voice at all levels

• How effective teams work

• What “Who Dares Wins” actually means in both a military and commercial context

• Your people becoming their “own best coach”– the development of self-leadershi

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