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Kenya offers a sheer abundance of wildlife in the Masai Mara, iconic game-filled plains with Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop in Amboseli, and the harsh, dry but achingly beautiful landscapes of the northern regions.  Steeped in history and wonderfully diverse, a Kenyan safari experience is complemented by authentic cultural experiences.

Best Months August - October (migration)
Shoulder Season December - March and June - July
Epic Suggests 9-12 Days
  • Masai Mara National Reserve

    Widely considered to be Africa's greatest wildlife reserve, the Mara comprises 200 sq miles of open plains, woodlands and riverine forest. Contiguous with the plains of the Serengeti, the Mara is home to a breathtaking array of life. The vast grassland plains are scattered with herds of zebra, giraffe, gazelle and topi.  Elephants and buffalo wallow while the rivers are brimming with hippos and crocodiles.

    africa-kenya-masai-mara-natinal-reserveEach year the Mara plays host to the world's greatest natural spectacle, the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti. From August to October, the promise of rain and fresh life-giving grass in the north brings more than 1.3 million wildebeest together into a single swarming herd.  At the Mara River they mass together on the banks before finally plunging forward through the raging waters, creating a frenzy as they fight against swift currents and waiting crocodiles.
  • Chyulu Hills and Amboseli

    Whilst not of the same scale as Kilimanjaro, the Chyulu Hills are breathtaking in their own right, and can be explored either on foot or horseback. Game-drives and mountain-biking complete a wonderful diversity of safari experiences. The Maasai are the custodians of this land and there are some excellent community based initiatives that will both enhance your experience and understanding of the area and its people.

    africa-kenya-chyulu-hillsNeighbouring Amboseli offers unrivalled views of Mt Kilimanjaro. Waking to watch the sunrise over endless plains stretching to the world's tallest free-standing mountain is a memory that stays forever. In the foreground are wide open plains dotted with elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest and gazelle, as well as predators such as lion, cheetah and spotted hyena.
  • Samburu

    Best known for its iconic people the Samburu (a sub-clan of the Maasai) this semi-arid reserve in Kenya's north contrasts well with other safari destinations. It offers a great variety of activity and is one of Epic's favourites for an immersive cultural experience.

    africa-kenya-sanburu-natinal-reserveThe Samburu is home to species such as oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, vulturine guineafowl, gerenuk and Somali ostrich. Elephants are the dominant species and in the dry season large herds gather to drink at the perennial river systems. The forests are home to many leopards, often seen at dusk. Lions are also frequently seen on the riverbanks, and cheetah can be found on the open plains. On rare occasions, packs of African hunting dogs are sighted passing through the reserve. If time and budget allow, the Matthews Range and the barren hills close to Lake Turkana are worth exploring.

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  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (Laikipia)

    Located in close proximity to Mt Kenya, Lewa Downs is a private conservancy that offers the most intimate safari experience in all of Kenya. The not-for-profit conservancy spans 62,000 acres and serves as a catalyst for conservation across the country's north.

    africa-kenya-lewa-wildlifeLewa holds 12% of Kenya's black rhino population and the largest single population of Grevy zebras in the world. Through the protection and management of endangered species, the initiation and support of community conservation and development programmes, and the education of neighbouring areas in the value of wildlife, Lewa has become Kenya's leading model for wildlife conservation on private land. The LWC also provides support to anti-poaching operations in other private rhino sanctuaries and wildlife reserves in the Laikipia District and on Mount Kenya.

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  • Lamu Archipelago

    Lamu lies just 2 degrees south of the equator. It comprises an archipelago of islands separated from the mainland by a narrow channel edged with dense mangrove swamps. There are beautiful coral reefs to explore where marine life thrives, and sand dunes said to conceal the remains of ancient settlements.

    africa-kenya-lamu-archipelagoUNESCO World Heritage listed Lamu is timeless and laid back, with a deliciously slow pace of life. It is said that towns have existed on Lamu for 1,200 years and that, along with Stone Town in Lamu, Lamu Town is one of the oldest inhabited places in Africa. It is a living museum of the Swahili civilisation and reputedly one of the most important archaeological sites of pre-colonial Africa.  Lamu Island can be reached only by boat and once there, transport is by donkey, dhow, speed boat or on your own two feet.

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  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Nairobi

    Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport you are met and transferred to your unique accommodation set in 12 acres of private land.

    Your boutique lodge has striking views of the Ngong hills and is home to many characters including a resident herd of Rothschild giraffe, warthogs, bushbuck, dik dik and more than 180 species of birds.

  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 2: Nairobi / Chyulu Hills

    This morning you are transferred to Wilson Airport and fly to Chyulu Hills by light aircraft. On approach, Kilimanjaro is overwhelmingly the dominant feature of the landscape - this is picture postcard Africa.

    You are transferred to your lodge where you can spend time watching wildlife drink at the waterhole in front of you. Take an afternoon horse ride through the Chyulu Hills and down amongst the wildlife on the plains.
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    Days 3-4: Chyulu Hills

    The Chyulu Hills and its diverse eco-system lend itself perfectly to many different kinds of exploration. With Mt Kilimanjaro always in sight, ride on horseback or mountain bike through the mist forests and out on to the open plains while viewing zebra and wildebeest. Travel by traditional open 4x4 vehicle, or feel the rhythm of Africa beneath your feet as you walk with expert trackers. Enjoy an authentic visit to the local Maasai villages and gain insight into the culture and traditions of the Maasai.

    Day trips to Amboseli can be arranged or allow Epic to arrange an extension there if you prefer to explore the region in more depth.

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    Day 5: Chyulu Hills / Samburu National Reserve

    After a morning exploring the area either by mountain bike, horseback, vehicle or on foot, you depart for Samburu. Scheduled flights go via Nairobi, or direct private charters are a popular option.

    You arrive into much drier areas dominated by thornveld and rugged mountains. The reserve is named after the Samburu people - more elaborately dressed and decorated cousins of the Maasai. This afternoon, take a walk with a Samburu warrior. You will soon learn their intimate connection to the land and some of the secrets that have allowed them to thrive in this harsh landscape.

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    Days 6-7: Samburu National Reserve

    The Samburu is possibly one of the most culturally rich areas in Africa and a fantastic opportunity to gain an insight into the Samburu people's way of life, an iconic pastoralist tribe.

    Activities on offer include special visits to traditional ceremonies such as blessing rituals, weddings, Morani dancing and Manyatta visits. The Samburu area has a special character to it that seeps into your soul very quickly.
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    Day 8: Samburu National Reserve / Masai Mara National Reserve

    Today you depart Samburu for the fabled Masai Mara, where your safari culminates in a 4 night stay. The flight takes approximately 1.5 hours.  Your Mara experience begins even before touching down.  Flying low over the plains you will see large quantities of wildlife below... an exciting taste of things to come.

    The Maasai people are strongly independent and still value tradition and ritual as an integral part of their everyday lives. Traditionally, the Maasai rarely hunt and live alongside wildlife in harmony.
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    Days 9-11: Masai Mara National Reserve

    There are few places in Africa that compare to the Mara. It is widely regarded as one of the finest spots for predator viewing in all of Africa. Game is ever present in large numbers throughout the year. Sections of the migration are in residence between August and October when wildebeest descend en masse upon the Mara in search of rains and life-giving grass.

    The vast grassland plains are also home to herds of zebra, giraffe, gazelle, and topi, while the acacia forests abound with birdlife and monkeys. Elephants and buffalo wallow in the wide swamps, and the rivers brim with hippos and crocodiles.
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    Day 12: Masai Mara National Reserve / Nairobi

    Today you enjoy one last game drive before you connect with your flight to Nairobi and depart Africa.
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    Indicative Cost

    From US$ 900 per person per day.

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  • Sample Itinerary

    Extension: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

    The expansive open plains, timeless and distinctive landscapes and abundant wildlife of the Serengeti make it one of the most sought after safari destinations in Africa. Its close proximity to the Masai Mara make it a logical extension to a Kenyan safari.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Extension: Rwanda

    Kigali, the capital of Rwanda is located just an hour's flight from Nairobi. Rwanda is a very compact, but incredibly beautiful country. The small population of endangered mountain gorillas are the country's main attraction and are located in the Parc de Volcans, just 3 hours drive from Kigali. Relics from the 1994 genocide are evidence of the country's ability to move on from such devastation and provide a poignant and impactful backdrop to any experience in Rwanda.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Extension: Zanzibar

    Zanzibar and the beautiful Swahili Coast are a 1 hour flight from Nairobi. Beautiful beaches and resorts, spice farms, a rich culture and a strong historical presence in Stone Town create a wonderful and diverse experience that complements a Kenyan safari.
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    Extension: Uganda

    Uganda is a country of contrasts; rich forests are home to populations of mountain gorillas and chimpanzees and wonderful savannah habitats teem with game. This diversity and its close proximity to Kenya (Entebbe is a 2 hour flight from Nairobi) make it a wonderful option for a post-Kenya extension.
  • 1/13 | Day 1: Nairobi
  • 2/13 | Day 2: Nairobi / Chyulu Hills
  • 3/13 | Days 3-4: Chyulu Hills
  • 4/13 | Day 5: Chyulu Hills / Samburu National Reserve
  • 5/13 | Days 6-7: Samburu National Reserve
  • 6/13 | Day 8: Samburu National Reserve / Masai Mara National Reserve
  • 7/13 | Days 9-11: Masai Mara National Reserve
  • 8/13 | Day 12: Masai Mara National Reserve / Nairobi
  • 9/13 | Indicative Cost
  • 10/13 | Extension: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
  • 11/13 | Extension: Rwanda
  • 12/13 | Extension: Zanzibar
  • 13/13 | Extension: Uganda
It exceeded our wildest expectations. The quality of the entire trip was unbelievable - accommodation, meals, travel arrangements and especially the staff and guides. The timing of all the stays was perfect, and it is an experience we will never forget.

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