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Uganda is an incredible safari destination. Situated among the "Mountains of the Moon", it offers the full gamut of primates, predators and plains-game. In our experience it is more so a second or third time safari destination.

Best Months Mid December – February and mid June – mid October
Epic Suggests 9 Days
  • Kibale National Park

    Uganda’s primate paradise! Here 776 km² of moist evergreen rain forest is home to the highest concentration of primates in the world - 13 species, including the localised Red Colobus as well as L'Hoest's Monkey.

    uganda-kibale-national-parkThe elusive forest elephant, smaller and hairier than its bush counterpart, moves seasonally into the park while other mammals include buffalo, giant forest hog, leopard, and antelope species. Bird life is prolific with 335 species including hornbills, pittas, turacos, the endemic Pirogrine's ground thrush and African grey parrots. The park’s principal attraction however remains the opportunity to track the 500 habituated chimpanzees and this is the main activity that visitors undertake.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park

    Uganda’s most popular savannah park, is located in western Uganda. The 1,978 km² of open savannah, rainforest, dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes extends from Lake George in the northeast to Lake Edward in the southwest and includes Maramagambo Forest and the Kazinga Channel that connects the two lakes.

    uganda-queen-elizabeth-national-parkIt is home to an incredible array of wildlife including almost 100 species of mammals, and over 600 bird species. Much of the best game viewing is in the northern Mweya Peninsula which boasts a beautiful waterfront setting in the shadow of the Ruwenzori’s.

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    Bwindi is a name synonymous with the mountain gorilla. Located on the confluence of the border of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo, Bwindi and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a magnificent verdant swathe of ancient rainforest - one of the few in Africa to have flourished throughout the last Ice Age.

    uganda-bwindi-impenetrable-forestHousing between one third and a half of the remaining mountain gorilla population (estimated at a mere 700) the experience offered in Bwindi for many is life-changing. Looking deep into the expressive brown eyes of these gentle giants is surely the most exciting and poignant wildlife encounters on earth.

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  • Murchison Falls National Park

    Situated on the shores of Lake Albert, approximately 300 km northwest of Kampala, Murchison Falls is Uganda's largest National Park at 3,840 km².  At the dramatic Murchison Falls, the Nile, the world's longest river, explodes through a narrow, 7 metre cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a frothing pool 43 metre below. In the lush grasslands north of the Nile, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and a variety of antelope are regularly encountered.

    uganda-murchison-falls-national-parkIn the southeast, the Rabongo Forest is home to chimpanzees and other rainforest creatures while the River Nile itself hosts one of Africa's densest hippo and crocodile populations, and a dazzling variety of water-birds, including the world's most accessible wild population of the rare shoebill stork.

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  • Apoka

    “From the vantage point of your private veranda, soak up the gorgeous savannah panorama of remote Kidepo Valley National Park in northeast Uganda, among the most beautiful – and underrated – destinations in East Africa.  Watch the parade of giraffe, elephant, buffalo, antelope, zebra and some 200 bird species.  Track game with well-trained guides along sandy riverbeds, then retreat to your luxurious, blissfully isolated room underneath the stars, as lions roar in the distance.” (courtesy of La Vie de Luxe)

    uganda-apokaExpansive grassy plains are dotted with big rocky outcrops and flanked by steep jagged mountains. In the distance to the north, perfect triangular conical mountains rise out of Sudanese soil, to the east is the sudden drop of the Great Rift. Dry river beds cross the park fringed with borassus and sausage trees, with great tracts of virgin forests.

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  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Entebbe

    On arrival at Entebbe International Airport, and after clearing customs and immigration, you are met and transferred to your accommodation for an overnight stay.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 2: Entebbe / Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    After breakfast you are transferred to Kajjansi airstrip for the charter flight to Bwindi National Park. On arrival at Kayonza airstrip you will be met and transferred 45 minutes by road to your camp.

    After enjoying a late lunch the remainder of the afternoon is free to take a walk around the lodge, or simply relax and soak up the peace and quiet.
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    Days 3-4: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    Early this morning you are allocated to a gorilla group and set off into the forest in search of them.  Trekking time ranges between 3-9 hours depending on their movements and the terrain to be covered.  The trek can be challenging, however the thrill of encountering these giant primates in the wild is sure to be an exhilarating and extraordinary experience.

    After spending a magical hour with the gorillas you return to the base and are driven back to the lodge for a refreshing shower followed by lunch. In the afternoon you may take a walk to a nearby village and enjoy the entertainment of some of the local dancers.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 5: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest / Queen Elizabeth National Park

    Depart on the 4 ½ hour drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, following the mystical Ruwenzori Mountain ranges and passing the British colonial copper mining town of Kasese. The journey will offer some wonderful game viewing en-route and you arrive at your lodge in time for lunch.  

    After settling into the lodge you head out on an evening game drive. The drive will reward you with the chance of seeing game such as lion, elephant, buffalo, hyena, jackal, bush buck, water buck, bush pig, Uganda kob, and warthog - and if you're lucky, leopard.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National Park

    This morning you are bound for the Kyambura Gorge, where you may see elephant, hippo, and waterbuck en route. On arrival at Kyambura headquarters you will be briefed before setting off on a chimpanzee trek. You are likely to encounter other primates like the black and white colobus monkey, as well as numerous pods of hippos in the Kyambura River.

    Following lunch, you depart for the jetty on the Kazinga Channel joining Lakes Edward and George, for an evening boat cruise. You will view a variety of birdlife and game at close range such as hippo, buffalo, elephant, Nile crocodile, water buck, and possibly leopard.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 7: Queen Elizabeth National Park / Kibale National Park

    Today you set off on the drive to Kibale National Park. The drive is approximately 2 hours and you will pass traditional Ugandan villages en route, observing the local people as they tend their crops.

    On arrival at Ndali you have a chance to freshen up before lunch and the afternoon is free to relax or enjoy some sight-seeing around the nearby crater lakes.
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    Days 8-9: Kibale National Park

    This morning you have an early start and arrive at the park headquarters just after 5.00 am. Following a briefing you join the Kibale Research and Habituation Team for a day with the chimpanzees.  This forest has the highest concentration of chimps in Africa.  See them de-nesting between 5.30-6.30 am and then observe them as they go about their daily routines, before they start to build their nests again for the night, around 6.30 pm.

    On your second day you embark on a trek are afforded another hour with these wonderful creatures.
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    Day 10: Kibale National Park / Entebbe

    Today you are transferred to the airstrip and fly to Entebbe, where you connect with your homeward flight.
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    Indicative Cost

    From US$ 800 per person per day, including permits.

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  • Sample Itinerary

    Extension: Virunga Mountains, Rwanda

    For the primate enthusiast, a logical extension to a safari in Uganda is visiting the gorillas of Rwanda.

    As a general rule the trekking in Rwanda is a little easier than Uganda. Further, Rwanda is a very beautiful country - The Land of a Thousand Hills. To see how Rwanda has recovered from the genocide of 1994 is very uplifting and another compelling reason to visit.
  • Sample Itinerary

    Extension: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

    The Masai Mara is one of Africa’s iconic parks and it is a title well deserved.  It offers one of the best opportunities to see predators and masses of plainsgame.

    Logistically it is an easy fit with Uganda (or Rwanda for that matter). Time permitting you may also wish to explore some of Kenya’s other fantastic safari offerings.
  • 1/11 | Day 1: Entebbe
  • 2/11 | Day 2: Entebbe / Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • 3/11 | Days 3-4: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • 4/11 | Day 5: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest / Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • 5/11 | Day 6: Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • 6/11 | Day 7: Queen Elizabeth National Park / Kibale National Park
  • 7/11 | Days 8-9: Kibale National Park
  • 8/11 | Day 10: Kibale National Park / Entebbe
  • 9/11 | Indicative Cost
  • 10/11 | Extension: Virunga Mountains, Rwanda
  • 11/11 | Extension: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
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