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Western Tanzania

Western Tanzania is one of the most remote safari regions of Africa. Whilst it can be hard to reach, it offers the safari connoisseur some of the finest and most intimate wildlife experiences available. Epic highly recommends this area for the experienced safari traveller.

Western Tanzania
Best Months July - October
Shoulder Season June and November
Epic Suggests 9-10 Days
  • Katavi National Park

    It is unlikely that there is a wilder place in Africa than Katavi.  It is remote and isolated, and can be challenging to get to, but once there it offers a staggering wildlife experience.

    africa-western-tanzania-kataviAs the floodplains dry up, the largest concentration of hippos anywhere move into narrow channels forming what is literally a solid river of hippos.  The area also becomes home to a massive concentration of crocodiles, which need to make way for the hippos.  As the water depletes, the crocodiles enter riverbank caves to estivate (the cold blooded equivalent of hibernation).  Good numbers of elephants, lions, buffalo, giraffe and other general game can be found in Katavi, however it is the sheer ‘wildness’ of the place that will leave a lasting impression on any experienced safari-goer.

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  • Mahale Mountain National Park

    The Mahale Mountains sit right on the edge of Lake Tanganyika and are home to a large population of wild chimpanzees; a number of these groups have been the subject of long-term studies by scientists and researchers.  The entire populate is estimated at around 850 of which around 65 have been under study since the 1950s.

    africa-western-tanzania-mahale-mountainMahale is one of the few places where visitors can experience intimate, up close encounters with wild chimpanzees.  As with all wildlife, nothing is guaranteed, however visitors do stand a very good chance of encountering one of the habituated groups in a three or four night stay.  The trek is usually through rugged terrain, so a decent level of fitness needs to be assumed.  Down time activities include swimming, kayaking and fishing in the lake.

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    Video Highlights

    This footage was shot by Epic's Managing Director, Brad Horn, whilst guiding guests on safari. The footage you see was taken on activities with the guests. This therefore is something similar to what you might see should you visit Tanzania.

    Tanzania houses some of Africa's most iconic safari areas; the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro. A safari to Tanzania is akin to an "Out of Africa" experience; incredible vista's, rich culture and masses of game. With Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya on its doorstep it makes for easy add-ons and include other iconic experiences such as the gorilla's of Rwanda and Uganda or the Maasai Mara.

  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Dar es Salaam / Katavi National Park

    This morning you fly into Katavi.  Whether your origin is Dar es Salaam or Arusha, it is a 3-4 hour flight on a light aircraft.

    The raw wilderness can be felt immediately upon arrival, and on your first game-drive to camp you will no doubt encounter large numbers of wildlife.
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    Days 2-4: Katavi National Park

    The river is the lifeblood of the reserve and most activities will focus there. The sheer abundance of hippos and crocodiles is astonishing and the interactions between them are dramatic as they compete for space in the river.

    You will also have the opportunity to do some walking in the reserve and even fly camp to get the full wilderness experience.
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    Day 5: Katavi National Park / Mahale Mountain National Park

    Today you travel from the Katavi National Park to the Mahale Mountains.  You have time for a short morning activity in Katavi before your departure.

    It is a flight of approximately one hour, after which you take a 90-minute dhow trip on Lake Tanganyika delivering you to your camp.
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    Days 6-7: Mahale Mountain National Park

    For the next two days your mornings focus on finding the habituated groups of chimpanzees. This might involve some strenuous trekking into the mountainous areas of Mahale and sightings aren’t guaranteed.

    The afternoons are spent relaxing in camp and enjoying boating, swimming, fishing and kayaking on Lake Tanganyika.
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    Day 8: Mahale Mountain National Park / Kilimanjaro

    Today you depart from Mahale airstrip to Kilimanjaro Airport and depart Africa.

    (For clients extending on to Northern Tanzania - Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater - your onward flight would be to Arusha.)
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    Indicative Cost

    From US$ 760 per person per day.

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    Extension: Zanzibar and Mafia Archipelago

    With pristine reefs, excellent diving and snorkelling, a seasonal whale shark migration and authentic cultural experiences, the Mafia Archipelago is a superb destination to wind up a safari.

    Lying just south of Zanzibar it is accessed via a short scheduled flight from Dar es Salaam, which is approximately 4 hours by light aircraft from Western Tanzania or a 1 hour scheduled flight from Arusha.
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  • 6/8 | Day 8: Mahale Mountain National Park / Kilimanjaro
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  • 8/8 | Extension: Zanzibar and Mafia Archipelago
Our trip was beyond our wildest expectations and went without a hitch...the travel was seamless. We left the States thinking this would be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and left Jo’burg trying to figure out how to get back there soon!!

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