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Visit the spectacular reaches of the exotic and colourful country of Indonesia. Comprising over 17,000 islands and 300 ethnic groups, Indonesia's culture is an exciting mix of traditional Javanese and Balinese, with influences from India, Arabia, China and Europe. From the natural beauty of Bali to the wonders of the archipelago, let Epic show you this vibrant destination in luxury and style.

Best Months 
Bali, Java, Lombok: April - October
Raja Empat: November - February
Epic Suggests 11 Days
  • Bali

    Known as ‘The Island of the Gods’, this island province is approximately 153 km (95 miles) wide and spans approximately 112 km (69 miles) north to south. The largest city is the provincial capital, Denpasar, with other significant towns being Kuta and Ubud.

    indonesia-baliBali’s interior houses several mountain peaks over 3,000 metres in elevation including an active volcano, Mount Agung. Surrounded by coral reefs, the island boasts white sand beaches on its south coast, with the rest being volcanic.  Bali is renowned for its diverse art forms, such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, handcrafts, and performing arts. This beautiful island boasts one of the most diverse and innovative performing arts cultures in the world.
  • Yogyakarta, Java

    A lush tropical landscape dotted with hundreds of archaeological temples, this is a destination that leaves the visitor spellbound. The grandeur and complexity of the temples has to be seen to be believed. Borobudur, the 9th century Buddhist monument, was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1991, and has been of great influence in restoring the monument to its former glory.

    indonesia-yogyakarta-javaThe temple is a massive step pyramid structure made from giant stone blocks, with levels representing the stages of enlightenment. Lower levels display intricately carved stone panels depicting stories of the Buddhist Sutras, while higher terraces house statues of the seated Buddha inside perforated bell shaped stupas.
  • Moyo Island

    Enjoy the incredible natural beauty of Moyo and the neighbouring islands. Surrounded by the turquoise waters and untouched reefs of the Flores Sea, the island is 350 square kilometres with vegetation ranging from savannah to tropical jungle. Moyo is a nature and marine reserve 15 kilometres off the coast of Sumbawa, east of Bali.

    indonesia-moyo-islandAll guests are sure to arrive in style, by float plane or private charter vessel. Relax into the serenity of the only resort on the island, where just a handful of luxury air-conditioned tents are set under a canopy of tropical forest.

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  • Private charters

    Epic Private Journeys has privileged access to a selection of motor and sailing yachts for private charter.  One such vessel is the Mutiara Laut, a classic two-mast schooner that recalls romantic oceanic adventures of yore.

    indonesia-private-chartersThe design of the Mutiara Laut (Pearl of the Sea) is based on that of an 18th century North Atlantic schooner combined with local Indonesian influence. Built for comfort and safety she allows you to discover the far-flung nooks and natural splendour of the Asian seas at a smooth, leisurely pace. For more private charter options, please see the final slides of the sample itinerary below.

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  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Denpasar, Bali / Ubud

    On arrival at Denpasar International Airport, you are met and transferred to your accommodation. Bali has a diverse, multi-faceted and unique culture and there is no better place to gain a rich understanding of it than in Ubud, the island’s cultural heart.

    Designed as a Balinese village, your deluxe resort features walkways and high stone walls to mimic a traditional local architecture. Incorporated into the design is a spring-fed pool of holy water, modest shrines and a 7th-century tiger carved in stone.

    Denpasar, Bali / Ubud Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 2: Ubud / Nusa Dua

    Transfer from Ubud to your luxury retreat on a garden hillside in southern Bali. Close by are the bougainvillea-shaded streets of Nusa Dua, lined with roadside shops and resorts. Renowned for its dining, nightlife, shopping and entertainment, the coastline of southern Bali offers myriad opportunities for exploration. From the chic towns of Sanur and Seminyak to the beaches of Nusa Dua and Kuta, you can experience the vibrancy of “new” Bali.

    This region offers an exciting opportunity to glimpse how the contemporary and the classic are intertwined on this legendary island. Enjoy a sunset tour or traditional massage during your stay at Nusa Dua.

    Ubud / Nusa Dua Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 3: Nusa Dua / Padangbai / At Sea

    This morning you are transferred to Padangbai to marry up with the Mutiara Laut for your sail to Moyo Island.

    You will sail towards Lombok, passing by the Gili Islands, where there may be opportunity to snorkel in the warm tropical waters. The sail will be gentle and relaxed giving you plenty of time to indulge in all the vessel has to offer. You will anchor in the sheltered waters of the Gili Islands overnight before continuing on to Moyo Island.

    Nusa Dua / Padangbai / At Sea Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 4: At Sea, en route to Moyo Island

    Today is spent cruising to Moyo Island along the north coast of Lombok with spectacular views of the volcano Gunung Rinjani.

    You arrive in the late afternoon, and spend the night onboard.

    At Sea, En Route To Moyo Island Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Days 5-6: Moyo Island

    Disembark the Mutiara Laut and transfer to your luxurious accommodations where you spend today and tomorrow enjoying Moyo Island and the resort.

    Moyo Island Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 7: Moyo Island / Karangasem

    Board your seaplane for the return flight to Bali. On arrival you are met and transferred to your next haven in Bali’s most traditional regency, Karangasem.

    The area offers a host of activities from mountain biking, rice paddy trekking and diving, to cultural excursions to temples and ancient water palaces. The resort is close to Manggis, Candi Dasa, Tenganan and other villages where traditional crafts are still practiced. Enjoy one of the following activities during your stay; a morning cruise onboard a 40ft outrigger, a beautiful trek from Kestala to Tenganan through rice fields and villages, or an exploration of East Bali by cycle or private vehicle.

    Moyo Island / Karangasem Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Days 8-9: Karangasem / Denpasar / Yogyakarta

    Fly from Denpasar to Yogyakarta, Java – a flight of 2 hours 15 minutes. Your exquisite accommodations overlook Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary, in the rural heartland of Central Java. Located in one of the most scenic parts of the country, it rests within a natural amphitheatre; the Menoreh Hills rise up behind and four volcanoes grace the horizon.

    Immerse yourself in Javanese culture with trips to ceremonies, archaeological monuments, temples and antique shops. A private visit to Borobudur at sunrise is a rare privilege and will no doubt be the highlight of your stay.

     Karangasem / Denpasar / Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 10: Yogyakarta / Denpasar, Bali / Nusa Dua

    This morning you are met and transferred to the Yogyakarta Airport to marry up with your flight back to Denpasar on the island of Bali.

    Upon arrival you are once again met and transferred to your oasis of calm in Nusa Dua, and overnight.

    Yogyakarta / Denpasar, Bali / Nusa Dua Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Day 11: Nusa Dua / Denpasar

    No activities have been planned and this morning is at your leisure.

    This afternoon you are transferred to the International terminal to connect with your homebound flight and depart Indonesia.

    Nusa Dua / Denpasar Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Indicative Cost

    From US$ 1,000 per person per day.

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    Indicative Cost Private Charters Indonesia Epic Tour
  • Sample Itinerary

    Amanikan Private Charters

    Venture into the Indonesian archipelago on this extraordinary vessel.  Witness the Komodo dragon in their natural habitat and dive or snorkel in the pristine waters of the Flores Sea.

    The Amanikan is a custom-built, 32-metre coastal cruiser featuring three above-deck cabins, a foredeck with bar for outdoor dining, and extensive dive facilities.

    Amanikan Private Charters
  • Sample Itinerary

    MV Salila Private Charters

    Enjoy a luxuriously appointed motor yacht for expedition cruising in complete comfort. Maintaining its sleek profile, the Salila was converted from an ocean going vessel into a top-of-the-line expedition cruiser.

    MV Salila offers a level of luxury never before seen in these waters and is available for private charter through Epic Private Journeys.

    MV Salila Private Charters Indonesia Epic Tour
  • 1/12 | Day 1: Denpasar, Bali / Ubud
  • 2/12 | Day 2: Ubud / Nusa Dua
  • 3/12 | Day 3: Nusa Dua / Padangbai / At Sea
  • 4/12 | Day 4: At Sea, en route to Moyo Island
  • 5/12 | Days 5-6: Moyo Island
  • 6/12 | Day 7: Moyo Island / Karangasem
  • 7/12 | Days 8-9: Karangasem / Denpasar / Yogyakarta
  • 8/12 | Day 10: Yogyakarta / Denpasar, Bali / Nusa Dua
  • 9/12 | Day 11: Nusa Dua / Denpasar
  • 10/12 | Indicative Cost
  • 11/12 | Amanikan Private Charters
  • 12/12 | MV Salila Private Charters
I'm impressed with the follow-through and professionalism that I've seen from Epic. Cannot thank you enough. Until the next trip...

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