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Epic Journeys - Newsletter Update 2017
Apr 05 2017
A update on some of Epic's journeys from the past 6 months and into 2017. Featuring a word from Brad and the latest from our guides in the field - from Australia, Indonesia, Africa, North and South America and India, Bhutan and Nepal. [Read More]
From The Field
Update #1: Happy Holidays from India
Trust everyone is getting into the festive mode. I am presently on a family holiday in India and Bhutan and wanted to share some of our experiences from the past week. We have just arrived back in Delhi after a few nights in the bush at two of Sujan’s luxury camps, Jawai and Sher Bagh. Jawai is located a few hours drive north of Udaipur in a beautiful rural setting. The drive, like any drive in India, is ordered chaos; horns blaring, motor bikes everywhere, vehicles driving down the wrong side of the highway and a wide array of modes of transport ...
In Search of the Elusive Snow Leopard
The elusive snow leopard, an animal I have always dreamed of trying to find! In December I flew to the Jammu Kashmir Province of India; this is the extreme northern part of the country bordered by Tibet, China and Pakistan. A friend, Dr Raghu Chundawat, who is the former director of the Snow Leopard Trust, had invited me to visit. He is the world’s leading authority on snow leopards in this remote part of the world, having studied them for nearly ten years. An hour’s flight from New Delhi took us to Ladakh in Leh, easily accessible by all major airlines. We ...
Tiger Kill
Ian Johnson and I jut returned from guiding some clients on a short tiger safari in Bandhavgarh National Park. We spent five days on elephant back "hunting" tigers. We were very fortunate to see some extraordinary action including mating tigers on a couple of occasions AND A KILL! Yes, indeed. A tigress killed a spotted deer (chittal) not 15 metres in front of their elephant. For the initiated you will know that this is extremely, extremely rare. What was most striking was the acute sense of hearing of the tiger. She was actually preoccupied at the time hunting a samba (a ...
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