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Ultimate Australia in 28 Days
Mar 01 2017 Written by: Pedro O'Connor
Pedro recently privately guided a Texan couple on a 28 day ultimate Australia journey. Travelling the length and breadth of the country by private jet, they were blessed with mainly good weather, ranging from 45 degrees in The Kimberley to snow in Tasmania in the south... [Read More]
From The Field
Hiking the Bay of Fires
I have just returned from guiding a small group of clients through the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. Our principle destination was the wilderness paradise of the north-eastern coast, where we trekked alongside the Mt William National Park and into the spectacular Bay of Fires, over four days. Preceded by a luxurious overnight at the recently refurbished colonial Quamby Estate (just outside of Launceston), we were briefed, kitted up and driven to the starting point of our trek; the very top right hand corner of Tasmania. Heading south we covered between 9km and 11km on the first two days. Although ...
A Taste of Tasmania
Do you want to step back in time and take life at a relaxed pace? Then Tasmania is the place to do it. The sparse population ensures there is ample opportunity to get away from the madding crowds with little effort. Think miles of endless beaches with nobody on them. The local people are super friendly and have great civic pride, which is evident in the many beautifully restored townships; the majority of which date back to the early 1800’s when indentured convict labour was exploited to build the colony of Van Diemans Land. Much of Tasmania remains untouched by human ...
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