A Wonderful “Rainy Season” Safari

Zambia & Botswana

Mar 26 2015 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

After our first day the wilds of Africa we were content; everything after this was a bonus.  Viewing the Victoria Falls at ground level is nothing short of breathtaking.  However when one takes to the skies in a helicopter that culminates with a low level, high adrenalin rush, slingshot flight through the lower chasms of the Zambezi one truly finds their heart in their mouth with both fists pumping from excitement.  After coming down we revelled in the opportunity  to walk in close quarters with the Mosi oa Tunya rhino anti-poaching  squad which allows privileged access to these endangered  giants; we only hope our children can immerse in this humbling experience into the future.

Top this day off enjoying a cold beer on the banks of the mighty Zambezi watching hippos frolic and the distant palms silhouette  truly is quintessential Africa.

From Zambia, we took the short flight over to Chobe National Park into the Linyanti, where we commenced our Botswanan expedition through six incredible Wilderness Camps. It seems like every day on a safari in Botswana excels upon the day before. Just when you think it can get no better, out of the bush crashes the biggest bull elephant you have ever seen, followed by a family of mothers and new born.

Around the next bend by a waterhole we view the classic, A frame, straddling giraffe drinking before proudly walking off on its journey towards the distant treeline.  Then I see my holy grail – a leopard- it has taken me 4 visits to Africa to see my first and it has been worth the wait.

One of the most outstanding attributes of our safari was the quality of our Wilderness guides; their passion was infectious and their knowledge encyclopaedic. Their ability to reads the signs of nature intrigued me immensely and I learnt a great deal from them. They truly have the best job in the world as every single day of their life is new and different – one never knows what treat Mother Nature will provide on any given day. I am grateful I was able to sample just a few of these wonderful days.