An Epic Ugandan Safari

Apr 15 2014 Written by:Rob Barbour

Rob Barbour from Epic Private Journeys here. I have just returned from a fabulous couple of weeks in Uganda, guiding a group of 8 people who were experiencing this magical country for the first time.

Uganda is unique in that not only is it a great destination to see the few remaining mountain gorillas, but it also offers chimpanzee trekking and the opportunity to view several other primate species.

We visited the remote Kidepo National Park in north-eastern Uganda to add a more traditional safari component to the trip. Kidepo National Park has large herds of buffalo and good numbers of lion that prey on these buffalo.  It is also the only place in Uganda to potentially see cheetah.  The scenery is spectacular and clients are spoiled by the fact that they can experience this in relative isolation, given that there is one luxury lodge with just 10 rooms.

Uganda boasts some impressive geography and geology, and shares a portion of Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria.  A few hours on a leisurely boat ride to take in the enormity of the lake and to witness its spectacular bird life and traditional fishermen is well worth the time.  Lake Victoria is also the beginning of the Victoria Nile which progresses to Lake Albert via Murchison Falls. The Nile River is compressed at this point through a small gorge no more than 6 metres wide.

To the south are the many volcanic mountains that form part of the Volcanoes National Park  – one of the last refuges of the remaining 800 or so mountain gorillas. The volcanic soil on the slopes and in the foothills makes the whole area well suited to the agricultural pursuits of the 3rd great primate– man.  Ugandan people are warm and welcoming wherever you travel, and delight in showing guests their beloved country.

Uganda’s beauty and the diversity of experiences makes it an extraordinary destination, and we welcome the opportunity to share the magic with you!