Journey of a lifetime – Antarctica 2018

Jun 26 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn and Heather Saunders

Brad in Antarctica 2018


Antarctica really is a journey of a lifetime.


“We woke to a millpond sea and clear blue skies. The ship was charting into a rarely visited bay of the Antarctic Peninsula. The bay was riddled with icebergs of all shapes and sizes. As we plied our way cautiously into the bay, penguins porpoised by, going to and from feeding grounds. 

Numerous Weddle and Crabeater seals lounged on iceflows, not to mention a menacing leopard seal catching the first of the mornings rays. A pod of minke whales broke the surface close to our starboard bow and we could hear the blows of humpback whales not far off. 

The scale of this epic landscape is overwhelming. I guess that’s what you would expect of the white continent, the world’s last great wilderness…”


Brad and Heather both journeyed to Antarctica earlier this year  – you can watch the amazing video of Antarctica 2018 and enjoy some of their images below.

Natural beauty - Epic Antarctica

Natural beauty


Super moon over Antarctica



The only crowds you'll find with Epic's Antarctica

The only crowds on an Epic expedition


Why travel to Antarctica with Epic?

The MV Ocean Nova is the ultimate Antarctica Peninsula exploration experience.

With fully equipped zodiacs, all cabins with views and a capacity of only 68 passengers, this really is the way to go.

An Antarctica expedition with Epic is all inclusive and includes private guiding, kayaking, ice glacier trekking and up close encounters with uniquely diverse wildlife that will take your breath away.


Reasons to travel on Epic’s customised programme:

  • We have 16 exclusive Epic cabins on this departure which is effectively half the vessel.  The trip is privately guided by Brad Horn, Epic’s Managing Director


  • To avoid a rough sea crossing and to save time we fly over the Drake Passage – this reduces the trip by 2 nights each way which allows for more pre and post cruise travel.


  • The vessel we use, the MV Ocean Nova, offers exclusivity, catering to only 68 passengers. Given the fragility of the Antarctica environment, all shore landings are limited to a maximum of 100 people.  Travelling with Epic on the Ocean Nova is a small and intimate experience. This means everyone can land at any one time without restriction.  This ensures 2 shore landings per day (weather permitting).  Something that the larger vessels can’t guarantee.


  • We fly from Punta Arenas in southern Chile, which is the gateway to Patagonia, rather than from Ushuaia in Argentina. This provides great opportunities to extend your travel in South America including trekking in Patagonia and exploring the Atacama Desert.



Epic’s Antarctica is a journey into the wilds of the white continent and a true, once in a lifetime experience.


If you are interested in joining the next Antarctica expedition in 2019, the itinerary is available here.