Australia in 21 days- an epic journey by private jet

Aug 03 2018 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

Pedro recently private guided a handcrafted journey for sisters travelling & experiencing Australia together. This epic 21 day itinerary showcased the diversity of Australia‘s epic landscapes.

Cruising and eating on the pristine waters of Tasmania, and photographing the microcosm of endemic wildlife on Kangaroo Island. And experiencing the pioneering spirit of Outback people in Coober Pedy. We truly felt the cultural heartbeat of Uluru and the land in central Australia.

In the north, we helicoptered through the vast Top End and experienced the magnificent wild Kimberley firsthand.

Our adventure ended in cosmopolitan Sydney, one of the world’s most beautiful harbour cities with its own beaches, culture and cityscapes. This really was an epic journey of Australia and a truly amazing way to travel!


Tranquility at Saffire Freycinet

A spectacular property in a very beautiful part of wild Tasmania (in Australia’s south). Thank you to the incredible staff for their hospitality and professionalism.


As fresh as it gets.

On the East coast of Tassie we experienced a Seafood Seduction at Bruny Island – way to go! It really doesn’t get any fresher than this.


The only way to fly… Citation VII.

Flying by private jet makes Australia smaller and more seamless to traverse. We left a freezing Hobart morning in Tasmania…arriving on Kangaroo Island off the South Australian coast 2 hours later. And then chilled at Beach Retreat on Snelling Beach. Just perfect…

Check out our highlights video by clicking here!


If you are interested in a tailored private journey of Australia, please contact Pedro poconnor@epicprivatejourneys.com