Canyoneering in Arizona

Arizona, USA

Feb 12 2009 Written by:Kevin Jackson

Brad Horn and I recently completed a canyoneering expedition in the wilds of Arizona.

Canyoneering is Epic’s latest offering in the US and this trip was designed as a showcase for a select few high powered Travel Agents. Programmes are customisable and can be tailored to suit any group and duration, ranging from one day to multiple nights.

What an experience! We spent our time in a place called Waterhole Canyon, a slot canyon just south of Page. It’s one of the last tributaries to Lower Glen Canyon before the Colorado River emerges at Lee’s Ferry. Words can’t do justice when describing the exhilaration of canyoneering; large rappels, sheer walls, the reddest sandstone and inordinate scrambling over the canyon floor.  The images below hopefully paint the picture.

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