Climbing Everest 2018

Mar 20 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

Everest Expedition 2018

On 2 April I will be embarking on an expedition to climb Mount Everest.

Some of you may recall my initial attempt in 2014 was thwarted by the tragic avalanche on the Khumbu Icefall. This year I will be climbing with a team from Adventure Consultants (NZ) and I am in the very best of hands.

The plan is to trek into Base Camp in the early part of April and then embark on a number of rotations on the mountain to acclimatise. It is unlikely that a summit attempt (if I get that far) will be forthcoming before the middle part of May at the earliest. I will be providing regular updates to Epic’s Brisbane office who will post my progress here. Additionally you can follow my progress on the link on our blog to the Adventure Consultants (AC) dispatches. 

Giving Back

With an undertaking of this nature, it would be remiss of me not to take advantage of the opportunity to raise funds for charity. For some years now I have supported an indigenous charity called Yalari. Yalari was founded by an old school mate of mine, Waverly Stanley. In short, Yalari is all about the education of indigenous Australians. It is a charity that is changing lives. To that end if you would like to support my efforts I would be very grateful if you could support Yalari.

Please donate to Yalari here. 

For those of you not in Australia, I would like to offer the Juniper Fund.

This is a U.S based charity with 501C3 status. It provides assistance to individuals, families and communities in underserved countries adversely impacted by their work for the mountain-based adventure Industry. Its efforts are currently focussed on Nepal.

Given that I am climbing in Nepal, I would like to see some benefit flow through locally. To this end I would be very grateful if you could support the Juniper Fund. 

Please mention ‘Epic Everest’ in the comments so we can track our fundraising efforts.   

Look forward to keeping in touch.