Epic 2017 End of Year Update

Dec 20 2017

 Brad and Annie walking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea - Epic 2017 update    

A word from Brad

Hi all,

Another momentous year…not sure where it has gone! This year was a first for Epic – we ran adventures to all seven continents (yes, even a climb of Mont Blanc!). Here is our Epic 2017 update.

For me personally the year started in Patagonia and Antarctica with a trek in Patagonia followed by our fly-in/fly-out Antarctica cruise. I then rolled onto Everest Base Camp in April and on to New Guinea and the Kokoda Track in June.

July, August and September featured a number of safaris in Africa. One of these was our inaugural trek and paddle in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Interspersed with these trips, I visited the US, Italy, the UK and Morocco.

Now finally back on “terra firma” for a while and looking forward to the festive season. That said, I won’t be sitting still for too long. In late January I am back in Patagonia and Antarctica for our 2018 trip.

So, in memory of the year, I have put together this short Epic 2017 in motion video as I saw it guiding.

Apologies that there is no footage of Australia. That’s Pedro’s domain.

The new year holds lots of promise. Among the numerous tailored private adventures, we have a couple of noteworthy undertakings on a small group basis.

If you have interest in any of these, please don’t hesitate to holler.

Thanks one and all for your ongoing support of Epic. Wishing you all the very best for the festive season.

Keep well and best regards,


Victoria Falls


Epic 2017 Update - Jump right in to the Great Barrier Reef Epic Australia
Photo credit: James Vodicka – Diving right in! – Orpheus Island, Great Barrier Reef.

Update from Pedro

To snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in tropical Queensland is an unforgettable journey of a lifetime. The top 10 ft of ocean contains the brightest colours. And a wide spectrum of small aquarium fish, giant clams and a high diversity of coral species.

A family from Texas that I guided this year were totally blown away by the beauty of the GBR both above and below the water. The ultimate is to fly at 1,000 ft by helicopter to appreciate its enormity. Landing to marvel at the vast array of incredible shades of blue at sea level. Then going beneath the surface to observe every colour of the rainbow plus fish of every shape, colour and size imaginable. These three perspectives in the one day leave a lasting impression on any one fortunate to experience it.

Great Walks of Australia - Epic Australia

Photo: Maria Island Walk 

Tasmanian walking adventures have been very popular this Spring. There have been fabulous wildlife sightings of wallabies and wombats on Maria Island, a highlight for many avid Epic hikers. A visit to Hobart is always a pleasant surprise with recent clients being reminded of a smaller version of Maine, Portland. The eclectic MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) consistently ranks as a world class gallery and museum. It is well worth a visit.

The Seafood Seduction day cruise to Bruny Island off the coast of Tasmania is not to be missed. This unique experience showcases the freshest seafood on the planet. The Captain and crew jump overboard to collect sea urchin, abalone – and dozens of oysters, crayfish and salmon sashimi straight from the source. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

Maria Island Walk - Great Walks of Australia

Photo: Amazing (wombat) wildlife encounters on Maria Island Walk. 

A highlight of the year, I have again been recognised by Conde Nast Traveller as one of their Top Travel Specialists and ‘experience makers’ for 2017.

And America’s oldest travel agency, Brownell Travel, recognised me at their annual Academy as their ‘Most Passionate Preferred Supplier ‘– one of only five honours awarded each year.

I am proud to be recognised for my expertise and passion. And for the epic journeys and experiences I help create for our valued clients.

Please enjoy this short Epic 2017 Highlights of Australia & Indonesia video.


Kenya Walking & camel safari - Epic 2017 update

Update from Rob 

One of the highlights of the year was without doubt the African bush adventure I enjoyed with my son. Spending time with a remote African tribe of traditional hunters and gatherers was an authentic cultural experience. And a true insight into another way of life. Invaluable family bonding time and an unforgettable experience.

Another highlight was travelling with a family to Uganda to see the gorillas. And then the thrill of seeing this family climb and summit Mount Kilimanjaro together. These moments are immensely fulfilling for our clients but also for us as private guides.

climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - Epic 2017 Update

It may not be generally known but Epic also tailors Corporate Experiences to unique places and remote corners of the globe. These include adventure activities and challenges that take people out of their everyday environment and help them grow.

The most recent was a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for the Middle Eastern branch of a world wide corporate group.  The aim was to offer employees a meaningful adventure that challenged them personally. It also provided a unique development opportunity for each individual and for the group as a whole. Each traveller was able to raise funds for their favourite philanthropic organisations.

The team was extremely well prepared and achieved great success in all their above objectives. Hopefully they return to their work place with a renewed sense of achievement and purpose…and enhanced life skills.

 “…I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful trip up Kilimanjaro.  What the team have been through in the past 7 days is incredible, the good bits and the bad bits!
… Ben was outstanding, I cannot say enough good things about him.  He has compassion, strength, very good judgement and in difficult situations made difficult decisions for the best of the group and individuals.  He went all out to help people, even when he wasn’t well himself and when he needed to be tough, he was, when he needed to show warmth and understanding, he did.  In addition the porter and camp crew were incredible, I think they all blew us away with their knowledge, care, determination and support.  Dean was also excellent, with great knowledge and patience and someone who we trusted implicitly.  
Thank you again – Epic are on my ‘high recommendation’ list for sure.” 
– Corporate Group/United Arab Emirates

Epic also gives an enormous amount of attention to the feedback we receive from our travellers.  So, in response to concerns from returned adventurers over the amount of litter seen on the various Kili trails, we have now initiated a program to employ a Tanzanian porter dedicated to collecting litter for the duration of each and every Epic climb on Mount Kilimanjaro.

We hope that this will not only reinforce appropriate behaviours in our own clients as they climb but will also encourage all others on the mountain to act responsibly.

Staying active whilst travelling is a growing travel trend. So in September, we tailored and privately guided a 6 day walking safari with camels in Northern Kenya for an intrepid group of women travellers. Such endeavours sound basic but at the end of each day walking though incredible Kenyan landscapes, we are always met by extremely comfortable camps and sleeping arrangements. With some of the best food I have experienced on any safari and including cold beer, fine wines and warm showers!

There is endless diversity in how people can experience Africa. As we tailor make all trips, this completely depends on travellers personal tastes and wishes.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - Epic 2017 Update

Wildlife safaris continue in all our destinations and through the Christmas and New Year period several groups will enjoy the great wildebeest migration.  They will settle on the short grass plains of the Southern Serengeti  – ready to give birth in late January and February. We have a great Green Season Tanzania safari experience for 2018 travel – please ask for details if interested.

Also in early 2018, we have a wonderful line up of trips. These range from Chimpanzee and Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda to a unique journey into Ethiopia.  Each brings rich cultural experiences and breathtaking natural beauty of these incredibly diverse countries

Please contact us if we can help tailor your next epic journey of a lifetime.