Epic 2019 – Top Travel Picks

Dec 28 2018 Written by:Epic Private Guides

The Epic team travel far and wide throughout each year. We find that some of our destinations just keep on keeping on – Patagonia, Antarctica, Botswana, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Australia…


That said, we are seeing increasing interest in less trammelled destinations like Ethiopia and Madagascar. Our clients are increasingly active and no longer are content with sedentary touring. We are also seeing an increasing interest in ‘wellness’ and travel with purpose.


Here are our epic travel picks for 2019.


  • Destinations less travelled.

We are seeing increasing interest in less travelled destinations like Ethiopia, Madagascar, northern Kenya, Bhutan and far-flung Indonesia like the breathtaking and remote islands of Raja Ampat & Flores. Many of these places are not on the main travel circuit and are quite remote. In 2019 we will again trek to Everest Base Camp and visit the icons of Ethiopia plus trek the Salkantay route to Machu Picchu and cruising the Amazon. If we can tailor your epic journey please let us know.


  • Active adventure.

Our clients are increasingly active and want to be immersed in the destination and “doing” not just observing. This includes but is not limited to walking, trekking, cycling, horse riding and experiencing authentic local culture & people first hand. Of course, we tailor our journeys to suit each client so there is no question of including active adventure into your epic journey should this be your preference.


  • Wellness safaris.

Self discovery and mindfulness are the order of the day in an increasingly busy world. Epic is partnering with great local guides and experts in exercise, yoga, meditation and nutrition to deliver unique and enjoyable safaris that promote health and wellness. Watch this space…


  • Multi-generational family travel.

A new Lion King movie in 2019 will inspire more family groups to experience an African safari together.  And more lodges and camps are accommodating families. We are seeing the benefits of travelling to remote locations & ‘disconnecting to reconnect’.  Real ‘life & death’ experience doesn’t get much better than a family safari to see the Great Migration or to witness first hand the stunning beauty of the Okavango Delta. More from Brad in early 2019.


  • Travel with purpose.

More people want to experience real life, real people and authentic up close and personal wildlife encounters. Travel with purpose includes life-changing adventure in breathtaking wild landscapes with amazing everyday people. There are many opportunities to give back and make a difference – to help out  local people and communities, to conserve endangered wildlife and to protect our precious natural environment for a sustainable future. We can help create your own journey of a lifetime with epic moments that will stay with you forever.


  • Cultural immersion.

More travellers want to experience real people and feel culturally immersed in the destination they visit. This year Rob was privileged to spend time among the traditional tribal people of Ethiopia and Brad once again experienced the amazing hospitality and warmth of the Nepalese.  Papua New Guinea and Indonesia also provide opportunities for cultural immersion.  In PNG New Britain two new vessels will cruise this largely undiscovered region of the Pacific. This is an opportunity for uncontrived cultural interaction with local people along with world class fishing, snorkelling and diving. And no other travellers in a thousand miles. In 2019 Pedro is looking to incorporate a trip to Rabaul for the Mask Festival. Stay tuned for more cultural immersion travel opportunities.


  • Escape to the wild.

The latest addition to the Australian Northern Escape Collection is Mt Mulligan Station in North Queensland. This is an outback ranch style lodge with only 8 villas set along the river. In the red centre of Australia, an ideal escape is on an adventure cruise expedition through the iconic Kimberley region with access to remote ancient indigenous heritage, pristine waterholes and rugged landscapes like no other.


Contact the Epic team for more ideas or to organise your 2019 journey of a lifetime.