Antarctica & Patagonia 2019

May 16 2019 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn


Epic Patagonia & Antarctica 2019

Earlier this year Brad Horn embarked on Epic’s annual journey to Patagonia and Antarctica with a small group of intrepid travellers. 

The combination of Patagonia and Antarctica offers an incredible experience for the adventurous of spirt. There are few parts of the world that come close.

Patagonia is often referred to as “the end of the earth” and it certainly feels that way when you are in the wilds of Torres del Paine National Park.

Going onto Antarctica takes this to a new level. The white continent is a “must do”. I have had the good fortune of visiting a number of time over recent years. No two trips have been the same. It’s a bit like going on safari – you never know what you are going to see.

Journey of a lifetime - Epic Antarctica 2019

We trekked, snow-shoed and kayaked our way across this epic white land. Amongst brash ice and bergs in Antarctic waters – we experienced amazing close encounters with seals and whales. And of course lots of penguins.

Portrait of a penguin - Epic Antarctica 2019

Penguins of Antarctica Epic 2019


This year we also had THE most incredible minke and humpback whale experience whilst paddling kayaks. It certainly took our collective breath away.

Epic Antarctica 2019



I managed to get some reasonable video footage which hopefully tells the story – and the epic nature of an epic journey to Patagonia & Antarctica.




If you are interested in our Epic 2020 Antarctica expedition please contact us.


P.S …After my Antarctica trip south I headed back north to South America and specifically Peru to check a few places out.

Wow! What an incredible place. I am taking a group of multiple repeat Epic travellers there in May so won’t say too much at this point but standby for an update in due course…