Epic Everest Update #9

Lobuche to Base Camp, 24 April

Apr 24 2014

24 April: Overnight snow and a perfectly clear crisp morning made for a wonderful start to the day. Kev, Ake and Brad started the day early and trekked up to Lobuche Advanced Base Camp (5300 metres) РLobuche is one of the lesser peaks on the way to Base Camp standing at 6240 metres).

After breakfast and a relaxed morning, we set off for Gorak Shep. This was a reasonably leisurely affair taking two hours contouring the Khumbu Glacier. This is quite a remarkable geographic formation. It is still marching forward at the remarkable rate of just over a metre per day. Actually when you stop and listen you can hear it groaning.

There was a deal of traffic on the trail with a lot of movement down from Base Camp. Quite a lot of yak traffic as well. Yaks are used to transport luggage and supplies.

Everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to getting to Base Camp tomorrow.

All the best for ANZAC day for those in Australia.