Epic Everest – Update 21 Journey to the Summit

May 19 2018 Written by:Epic Private Journeys/Adventure Consultants Photography:Guy Morgan (2017)

Brad Horn and the entire AC Everest Expedition team have successfully summited Mt Everest in the early hours of this morning!


For Brad, it was 4.00am, local time in Nepal.

Congratulations to all the team and to the amazing sherpas who have helped deliver them to the top of the world.

Now to decend the mountain! We will provide an update from Brad in due course and of course, images as we receive them.


Journey to the summit

In the meantime, follow the journey to the summit as communicated by live Adventure Consultants dispatches throughout the night.


6.58am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – Entire AC team summits!

Mike Davies and Rob Smith are on top of the world! This means that the entire AC Everest team has stood on the summit of Mount Everest.

A total of 6 members, 2 guides and 13 climbing Sherpa made the summit today.


6.22am local time in Nepal 19May 2018 – Mike D and Rob at “The (Hillary) Step”


5.55am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – More Summits!!


5.22am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – Last step towards the summit

Mike Davies and Rob Smith are above the South Summit and making their way along the Cornice Traverse towards the Hillary Step!


5.02 am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – Hillary Step – almost there.

Robin, Gary and Penny are ascending the Hillary step, the last major obstacle before the summit…


4.30am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – First summits

Lydia, Brad, Mike R along with Rinji Sherpa (Climbing Sidar), Pasang Angiu Bhote, Guru Bhote and Cheten Dorjee reported that they stood on the summit at 4.00 am!


2.58 am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – Continuing up 

Lydia Mike r and Brad have reached the South Summit. At 8690 m only 160 vertical metres lie between them and the summit. That 160 m includes the Cornice Traverse, lots of little ups and downs and of course The Hillary Step.

They are on target for a summit sunrise.


00.36 am local time in Nepal, 19 May 2018 – Arriving at The Balcony

Lydia, Mike R and Brad have arrived at The Balcony. This is a chance for them to have a short break, a drink and change their oxygen bottle for a new one.

At 8400 m, half of the vertical height of the days climb has been gained by these three. From here the route climbs the South East Ridge to the South Summit. The rest of the team is moving well.


9.52 pm local time in Nepal, 18 May 2018 – Departing South Col

Getting ready for a climb takes a lot of effort, doing that at 8000m takes even more. The team is set to begin their journey to the top of the world.

The sky is clear, stars above and little wind. Head torches of other climbers can be seen along the route ahead.

The sound of crampons crunching on ice, the clanking of carabiners on their harnesses and the hiss of oxygen through their oxygen mask go with them as they begin this exciting climb.

Each climber, accompanied by their personal Sherpa, will leave the tents of the South Col and begin their climb up the Triangular Face towards The Balcony at 8400 metres.

This part of the journey can be particularly challenging in the dark and cold. On reaching The Balcony they will have the opportunity for a short break before tackling the next part of the climb.


18 May 2018 – It’s time!

The team is positioned at the South Col, 8000 metres (Camp 4) after an ascent today from Camp 3. This is it for them.

All the work of the past weeks and months (and for some years) now comes down to tonight.

The afternoon has been spent resting, hydrating an preparing for a 9.30pm departure tonight for their summit attempt….



Journey to the summit - Guy Cotter on south summit of Everest 16 May 2018

Journey to the summit – Guy Cotter of Adventure Consultants on South Summit 16 May 2018


Journey to the summit - Brad Horn and the Everest team have summited Everest.

Journey to the summit – Summit Ridge on descent 16 May 2018 – Photo: Guy Cotter