Epic Hits the Scenic Rim Trail

Sep 25 2014 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

Pedro is just back from a 4-day excusrsion on the Scenic Rim Trail. This brand new walk by Spicers Retreats explores the Scenic Rim region of South East Queensland; a stunning collection of mountains, ridges, escarpments, forests and ancient volcanic plateaus set in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range and surrounded by World Heritage listed national parks. After a busy day in the bush, guests retreat back to the luxurious Spicers Canopy and Spicers Peak Lodge.

Some of us in this image have known each other for 40 years while others met for the first time ever on Day 1 of our walk. By the end of the hike we had formed some fabulous bonds through the experiences we shared.

Certain grades in the hike were testing and had us breathing deep with sore limbs to match but the reward for effort was well worth it. The panoramic views of the quintessential Australian bush landscapes were stunning whilst the verdant rainforests we walked through to gain access to these vantage points provided an incredibly dramatic contrast. Towering trees covered in epiphytes, mosses and ancient liana vines were very reminiscent of the tropical rainforests of the Daintree Rainforest, 1,500 miles north.

The distinctly defined microclimate changes within the Scenic Rim Trail are the most dramatic of anywhere I have ever visited. In any one day one walks through five completely different environments, hence offering opportunity for observing a broad range of bird species for the keen ornithologist.

I can highly recommend this journey for anyone seeking a moderate physical challenge, who wishes to gain the feeling of solitude in a pristine environment whilst knowing they will sleep and dine in the lap of luxury at the end of a hard day’s hike.

To learn more about Spicer’s Scenic Rim Trail, visit: http://www.scenicrimtrail.com/

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