Epic Kilimanjaro Climb – Feb 2011

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mar 18 2011 Written by:Brad Horn

Epic Private Journeys led another successful climb up Kilimanjaro via the scenic Machame route.  Led by Kevin Jackson the team of six experienced a variety of weather throughout the climb including periods of rain, snow, wind and sun as they progressed through the various ecosystems. The team consisted of 5 Australians from the beautiful town of Townsville on the northeast coast of Queensland.

The group was assisted by 44 local porters and guides who created an amazing experience on the mountain for the team. As we climbed through the various camps we were welcomed with an unusually low snow level that made for fantastic views. Each camp offered a different vantage point of all three volcanoes as we slowly made our approach to Barafu Camp.

Once we made it to Barafu Camp, our final camp before the summit, we were provided with unobstructed views of the summit and Mt. Mwenzi.  Our team prepared for the summit with a hearty meal and an early night.

We set off for the summit at 11.50 pm with a team rally as we embarked on our long tourney into the dark. As we progressed through the night our team pushed through the urge to make stops and slowly plodded along until we all made it to Stella Point just before 5.30 am.

We spent 20 minutes sharing hot tea before continuing onto the summit. Only as short 45 minutes away, the views of the glaciers and deep into the crater are enough to keep everyone moving slowly as the sun begins to break through the clouds. As we reached 5,895 meters, and Uhuru peak, the tallest point in Africa, we were rewarded with a sunrise that rivaled any other. Our entire team made the summit and after a few images and video clips we made our way back down to the mountain to Mweka Camp for a final night on the mountain.

This was a spectacular climb with a great family, crew and team. Epic is proud of everyone and is excited to be able to share stories with those involved.

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