Incredible Indonesia

Dec 28 2018 Written by:Pedro O'Connor Photography:Pedro O'Connor


This year I was privileged to experience incredible Indonesia on three seperate journeys.

Islands of Flores and Komodo

In May I guided “the next Sir David Attenborough” through the wilds of Borneo, Komodo and Flores in May.

My client, a 15 year old lad travelling wth his mother, has a burning desire for wildlife photography and conservation. He experienced some incredible diving moments in Komodo National Park and up river in Kalimantan we searched for orangutans, gibbons, proboscis monkeys and the myriad of birdlife to be found there.

We also trekked through the forests of Nusa Penida in search of the critically endangered Bali Starling. The 17,000 islands of Indonesia have something for everyone.


Sailing onboard Alila Purnama

In July, we were fortunate to return to Indonesia to sail on the beautiful Alila Purnama, a traditional phinisi that is one of the most luxurious boats in the archipelago.

For anyone in search of the ultimate cultural, soft adventure holiday whilst living in the lap of luxury this boat is A grade.  The Coral Triangle offers the most biodiverse marine environment on the planet, the snorkelling and diving are unsurpassed anywhere. It is like swimming in a 90 degree overfilled aquarium – sheer bliss and beauty.

This is the ultimate multi generation trip or one to be shared with a few like minded friends seeking to get away in a backdrop of sheer natural beauty.

Breathtaking Raja Ampat

Most recently in October, Marg and I visited Raja Ampat in West Papua aboard the luxury expedition ship, True North. This was an experience beyond our wildest expectations.

Raja Ampat is the centre of marine biodiversity on the planet with over 2,100 species of fish and corals it provides the sensation of swimming in an overfilled aquarium. The spectrum of colour, shape and size of the marine life is overwhelming. The Wayag Islands and Ayu Atoll offer some of the most stunningly beautiful and surreal scenery I have ever seen.

To be living in the lap of luxury in one of the most remote regions on the planet and still being connected to keep abreast of daily business was incredible. Breakfast, dive, work, lunch, hike, dive, cocktail hour, dinner, sleep. I could do it forever!



Watch the Raja Ampat video here.


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