Kangaroo Island Dreaming

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia

Nov 16 2009 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

Kangaroo Island – the name alone should make any fair dinkum traveller want to go and tick off their bucket list. There is no other location in this wide brown land that shoulders the responsibility of living up to the most recognised of all Australia’s endemic wildlife, like Kangaroo Island.

For an island that is little over 100 miles (160 km) long and 50 miles (80 km) deep, this destination is one of massive contrast that warrants a place on every visitor’s must see and do hitlist when visiting Australia. Often described as Australia’s Galapagos, it is deserving of the title; the spontaneous wildlife encounters when driving around this patchwork of quaint communities and national parks, are astounding.

On the serene North Coast, the rolling green hills with towering gum trees lining the roadside provide the keen photographer with quintessential Aussie scenery, possibly including a cute koala nestled in a nook and chomping on the leaves. A scurrying echidna or a soaring wedge-tail eagle are common sights. If secluded relaxation is what you are looking for, you need go no further than the Cliff House at Snelling Beach. (See the image below, taken from inside the living area).

If you’d rather the wind in your face, then head to the rugged south coast. Pounding ocean swells smash against towering cliffs topped with stunted wild flowers. These stark contrasts exude a raw beauty. The beaches here have no footprints; they are pristine with water of intense clarity and immense energy. When staying at the impeccably appointed Southern Ocean Lodge, like I had the pleasure to recently, you have this all on your doorstep.

It is revitalising to spend time here in nature’s cathedral; I am going back next Sunday, even if it is only in my mind.

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