Leopards Mating in the Mara – Client Images

Masai Mara, Kenya

Oct 16 2012 Written by:Brad Horn

To follow on from the last post, Epic client Stella has just sent us some more amazing photographs of her recent safari in Kenya, this time of leopards mating.  Besides this amazing sighting, they had quite the action-packed trip:

“… a huge 22 strong pride of lions fanning out for a kill;  a lion cub not yet introduced back into the pride by its mother.  We saw 2 male lions feeding on a poor young giraffe that they had just taken off a lioness; hyenas and vultures fighting over left-overs;  male cheetah trying to mate with a young cheetah mother but she was not interested, and let them know in no uncertain terms… Also enjoyed the balloon trip, the walk to a waterfall and swimming hole at Sirikoi – and I still have left out lots more – Oh, and
the serval cat that stood at the end of our bed under the stars”…

Thanks for letting us share them Stella!

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