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The real attractions of Africa
May 28 2019 Written by: Rob Barbour
Many people come to Africa to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.  They experience the 'Big 5' wildlife sightings, stay in luxury lodges and enjoy sundowners overlooking the incredible African landscape.
This is the experience of luxury. So what are the real attractions of Africa, the ones that leave an indelible mark on our souls? [Read More]
From The Field
Antarctica & Patagonia 2019
For the adventurous of spirit there are few parts of the world that come close to Patagonia & Antarctica. Trekking glaciers & kayaking beside icebergs and whales is truly epic. See our 2019 journey to the white land...
EBC Trek 2019
In April, a Epic trek team of 8 set out to Everest Base Camp let by Brad Horn and including his 15 year old daughter Ella (raising money for the The Juniper Fund.) From Kathmandu and into Lukla to experience the people and beautiful villages of the breathtaking Himalaya mountains, you can read their story here.
Epic 2019 - Top Travel Picks
Where will you go in 2019? The epic team travel far and wide each year. Some of our destinations keep on giving and we also venture to places less travelled. Here are our top travel picks for an epic new year.
Incredible Indonesia
This year Pedro was privileged to guide 'the next Sir David Attenborough' to the islands of Komodo & Flores, sail onboard a traditional phinisi  and visit stunning Raja Ampat by air and sea. Experiencing the wonders of the Indonesian archipelago were a true 2018 highlight...
Africa 2018 Highlights
Brad and Rob both experienced an epic Africa in 2018. Here are more safari highlights from the year including Primates, Predators & Prey, the Serengeti Migration and beautiful Botswana.
2018 Year in Review
2018 has been simply amazing. Our private guides went higher, deeper and further afield than we ever have. While we continued to visit our traditional destinations, a couple of notable highlights included safaris to Ethiopia and Madagascar, visiting Raja Ampat in West Papua and trips to Patagonia and Antarctica. And in 2019 we have more...
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