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Epic Everest - Update 17 EBC Rest Days & Rotation 2 Prep
May 03 2018 Written by: Brad Horn Photography: Brad Horn
EBC rest days & rotation 2 prep. Brad and the expedition team have spent the past 5 days resting at Base Camp and preparing for acclimatisation rotation 2. Rotation 2 is now underway and the summit attempt follows this. [Read More]
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Epic Everest - Update 16 Acclimatisation Rotation 1
Everest acclimatisation rotation 1 is now complete. Brad has just returned to Everest Base Camp after a 6 night rotation between Camp 1 (6100m) for 2 nights and Camp 2 (6500m) for 4 nights. Yesterday he touched the base of the Lhotse Face at 6800m. An incredibly beautiful but harsh environment.
Epic Everest - Update 15 Camp 1
Brad is on his first rotation up the mountain. He is currently spending his second night above the Khumbu icefall at Everest Camp 1 (6,060m).
Epic Everest - Update 14 Khumbu Icefall
Khumbu Icefall. We went into the Icefall this morning. This really is another world, a jumble of massive chunks of ice of all shapes. You feel like you're in that old TV show from the 70’s “The Land of the Giants”.
Epic Everest - Update 13 Everest Rope School
Everest Ice and Ropes School - Update 13. We spent some time on a ropes circuit practising all techniques we will need to employ further up. Tomorrow we head into the icefall up to the first ladder which is about two thirds up. Looking forward to it.
Epic Everest - Update 12 Puja Ceremony
Puja Ceremony
Today was another rest day at Everest Base Camp. That said it was a significant as our “puja” ceremony was held. Read about this blessing ceremony for our mountain climbing ahead.
Epic Everest - Update 11 Climbing Lobuche
Climbing Lobuche & Everest Base Camp
Brad has now arrived at Everest Base Camp and is entrenched in the Adventure Consultants Camp. Read about climbing Lobuche and settling in...
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