Remote Kimberley Region

Kimberley region, Northwest Australia

Aug 11 2008 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

I have just returned awe struck after 11 days in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. The Kimberley is the size of California and has a population of only 38,000 people with one sealed road that traverses this expansive wilderness area.

Out there everything is BIG – the distances, the endless night skies, the massive Boab trees, the ancient granite gorges, the prehistoric crocodiles and best of all the fair dinkum Outback personalities. The extreme nature of the climate and countryside has honed characters as tough as an Argyle Diamond. Fortunately these folks have opened their doors to discerning travellers wanting to obtain a feel for life in the Australian bush.

The choice of experiences is varied depending on your specific interest. A great introduction to this vast wilderness is a half million acre cattle ranch where you can catch a prize fighting barramundi, watch saltwater crocodiles lazing on sandbars and observe mobs of kangaroos grazing – all simultaneously. This is nature at its finest. If it is remoteness you seek then a ‘far away’ bay where there are no roads may fit the bill. A low level flight over the endless river deltas before joining the sculptured coastline makes one realize that you have removed yourself from modern day society. The 17,000 year old Bradshaw (aboriginal) rock paintings will also help to emphasize this fact.

Thankfully you do not compromise on the modern day trappings of a comfortable bed, superb dining and wines accompanied by a large helping of mind blowing scenery. The exclusivity and stunning colours of the sunsets over this ancient land are just a taste of the indelible experiences you take away from an Epic journey into this region. Hopefully the photos will whet your appetite to visit this area before Baz Luhrmann’s “Australia” which was set here, causes a gold rush.

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