Mahale Chimp Trekking – Mahale National Park, Tanzania


Nov 25 2016 Written by:Rob Barbour

Tracking the Mahale chimps is a magical experience.  Epic’s Rob Barbour recently took a group on an epic African safari into the Mahale Mountains of Tanzania to view these amazing primates.

Mahale Chimp trekking, Tanzania

A journey to the Mahale Mountains, located in the far west of Tanzania on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, adds a remote and mystical destination to any safari. This links very well to more conventional destinations on northern, southern or western Tanzanian safari circuits.

Trekking Mahale chimps, Mahale Mountains, Africa safari

The main attraction are the habituated chimpanzee troops in the Mahale Mountains – the longest studied group of chimpanzees over four decades.

The trekking can be physically demanding but the rewards of multiple chimp interactions, between males and females and mothers and their young, is hard to beat, all in a pristine natural environment.

Trekking Mahale chimps, the ultimate African safari adventure

After a mornings hike, guests enjoy relaxing on the sandy beaches of Africa’s deepest and crystal clear, fresh water lake and can spend the afternoon cruising in traditional dhows for a relaxing sundowner drink, a spot of fishing or a leisurely swim in deeper water – away from the shore and crocodiles and hippos that are sometimes seen. On my last boat cruise we even watched a female hippo and her young at depth from the boat- so clean is the water.


The rustic elegance of Greystoke Mahale Camp offers a true beach and bush experience with beautifully appointed A frame cottages perched on the edge of the beach. Meals are wholesome and nutritious and often feature the catch of the day.

Mahale chimp trekking - Greystoke hut, African safari adventure

Greystoke Mahale Camp

It truly can be a relaxing beach in the bush wilderness experience and the perfect way to finish a safari.

Mahale chimp trekking, African safari in Tanzania


*Best time to travel for a 3-4 nights Mahale safari experience – May to October.