Yalari Brisbane Dinner 2014

Sep 12 2014 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

Team Epic was privileged to be a part of the 8Th Annual Yalari Brisbane Gala Dinner last night.

Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at Australia’s leading boarding schools for Indigenous children from remote, rural and regional communities. Yalari currently has 184 students enrolled in 29 boarding schools around Australia.

As proud supporters of this Indigenous Education charity since 2006, we were pleased with the $18,000 raised by the auction items contributed by Epic and our wonderful suppliers. This sum, along with the auctions in Melbourne and Sydney this year will fund two Yalari scholars for one year of their ongoing education in some of the best Secondary Boarding Schools in Australia.

To witness the stories of these students is to gain an understanding of the incredible challenges they face. The opportunities being offered to them by Yalari is a moving experience. These children originate from some of the most remote regions in Outback Australia and have never been on a plane, seen a major city, lived away from their family or worn shoes to school. To move to another world and into a new life is a huge change that requires growth beyond their years; thankfully they have fellow Yalari recipients as their mentors, friends and family. These bonds of friendship will solidify as the years pass and a new breed of indigenous leaders will be formed.

We are keen to track their progress over the years and remain a staunch supporter of Waverley Stanley and his dedicated team.

To learn more about this fabulous organisation please visit their website: www.yalari.org