Papua New Guinea Culture

Papua New Guinea is one of the most diverse populations on earth with over 700 different languages spoken in a country with a population of around 5 million people.

There is much diversity between the cultures in Papua New Guinea, for example there is the colourful Huli tribe who inhabit the southern highlands and Hela Province of Papua New Guinea. Colourful clay is used for traditional body decoration by the Hulis.  In contrast the young men of the Sepik region undergo painful skin cutting on their backs. This is a symbol of strength and power to resemble the much worshipped water spirit (crocodiles) of the Sepik.

The cultural shows and festivals of Papua New Guinea are a way for the proud local people to showcase their traditional customs and beliefs through dance and “sing sings”. This also provides a wonderful opportunity for tourists to see the many different cultures of Papua New Guinea all come together in an array of colour and passion.

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Papua New Guinea Culture
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