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Wildebeest Rescue
Northern Serengeti, Tanzania
Oct 11 2010 Written by: Rob Barbour
For years, poaching has been a way of life (and a means of income) for some Tanzanians in the northern Serengeti region. It is due to the constant monitoring of the area and diligence from the locals like myself and my associates, that the wilderness is now being seen as worthy of protection. Ray Teekishe (our Community and Conservation Manager) and I were doing a liaison visit to the Kenyanganga and Lamai Ranger Posts in the northern Serengeti in September. Sadly we came across quite a number of wire snares. As we continued to find them and pull them up we ... [Read More]
From The Field
New Botswana and Zambia Video
Here is a short video taken in Botswana and Zambia, while guiding clients there recently. It was an incredible safari with some amazing game interaction. You will see that we enjoyed many close up encounters including witnessing a cheetah kill, a couple of wonderful sightings of the highly endangered wild dog, leopard on a kill, and numerous fantastic experiences with elephants. Enquire Now
Epic Photo School 2010
The plans for a photographic expedition had been in the pipeline for quite sometime, and last week saw the launch of the Epic Photo School. This is a brand new safari product and caters specifically for wildlife and nature photographers. The Epic Photo School functions much like a normal safari but with a few important distinctions: The first being that you are hosted by internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Greg du Toit (, who guides and coaches you every step of the way. While on safari, photographers draw on Greg’s extensive bush knowledge and photographic skills, as he highlights unique photographic opportunities ...
Great Migration - New Video and Report
I recently returned from guiding a safari in Tanzania incorporating the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Mnemba Island (just of the coast of Zanzibar). I had the great pleasure of the company of three families of repeat clients who had collectively been on safari with me in Botswana a couple of years back. It presented a wonderful opportunity to rekindle friendships and also see how the kids had matured in the intervening years. In fact by my way of thinking, the greatest benefit of a family safari in Africa is that families are removed from the outside world, presenting unrivalled “family ...
Crocodiles and Culture in the NT
“Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink…….” The words of the famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge could quite easily be used to describe the Northern Territories amazing “Top End." I have just returned from a truly authentic Australian adventure to the World Heritage Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land that has left me in awe of the stunning landscape, rich abundance of wildlife, ancient culture of the Australian Aborigines and the truly genuine Aussie hospitality of the Territorians. My travel companions and I were collected from our very luxurious Balinese-themed villas situated near the Darwin Botanic Gardens by our ...
Adventure in the Blue Mountains
Sydneysiders and visitors alike need to do this at least once! As a first-timer, abseiling into the grand chasm of the Blue Mountains recently put my logic and trust to the test, yet I soon found myself comfortably descending 30 m over an exposed escarpment edge feeling the adrenalin and freedom only such a vast outlook can provide when your rappel starts 415 m above the valley floor! I couldn't resist but to spin upside down and take in a truly unique view of the expansive, carpet of eucalypts! At that point, it was amazing to think that only minutes prior ...
Breakfast in the Serengeti
I had my best ever breakfast recently. The food was good - home made muesli, fresh fruit, muffins, yummy bacon and egg sandwiches, sausages and fresh plunger coffee. However it wasn't actually the fare that saw this breakfast rise meteoricially in my standings, instead it was the fact that I shared it with some great safari companions and around 2 million wildebeest in the middle of the vast expanse of the Serengeti. It was our first morning and there was a sense of anxious anticipation when we had set off for our first proper drive in the Serengeti. Would we find ...
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