Lord Howe Island

Oct 04 2013 Written by:Marg O'Connor

Lord Howe Island – the island that time forgot. Set foot on Lord Howe Island and you take a step back to a time when you knew your neighbour’s names and were always welcomed with a friendly “g’day”.

Lord Howe Island sits in the Pacific Ocean about 700 kilometres north-east of Sydney and boasts a population of 300 permanent residents, as well as rugged volcanic peaks, lush forests, rolling surf and serene lagoons. It is surrounded by the southern-most coral reef in the world and gained World Heritage listing in recognition of its pristine natural heritage. Around 75% of the island is permanently preserved as marine park and subtropical rainforest and is home to rare birds and plants.

With a speed limit almost the same as walking pace it is impossible not to relax, wind down and enjoy the gentle tempo of the island. For the active there are scenic walks, a nine-hole golf course, snorkelling/diving, fishing, push biking and mountain climbing, to name but a few activities.

Lord Howe Island is one of the most scenically dramatic islands in Australia and is well worth the effort of getting there. To include Lord Howe Island in your next Australian itinerary please contact us.