The Epic Papua New Guinea EXPERIENCE

Pearl-shell adorned villagers, human skull-filled caves and agrarian subsistence communities steeped in tradition, Papua New Guinea or “PNG” offers a refreshing, pure destination to the intrepid traveller.

It boasts over 850 indigenous languages, rugged mountain highlands, active volcanoes, orchid laden tropical rainforests and swamps, coral reefs and incredible biological diversity. Such terrain has rendered PNG one of the world’s least explored countries, both culturally and geographically.

Located in the southwestern Pacific, Papua New Guinea is ideal for adventure seekers looking for challenging hiking routes such as the Kokoda Track. There are offshore diving opportunities with many reefs that have never been dived and cultural encounters with friendly local tribal people to be experienced.

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Heaven on Earth – by Pedro O’Connor

On the legendary Kokoda Track – by Brad Horn

Epic Kokoda - June 2017