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Trans-Okavango - New Video and Report
Okavango Delta, Botswana
May 25 2011 Written by: Brad Horn
I recently returned from an incredible safari in Botswana. This realised a long held dream to conduct a transect of the famed Okavango Delta by boat from north to south. In all my years of living in Botswana and guiding safaris there I never took the time to partake in a trans-Okavango. Well, good things come to those that wait. It exceeded all expectations and more! The trip started in the Kalahari Desert where we spent a couple of days in a wonderful little camp called Kalahari Plains. The Kalahari has just enjoyed a fantastic wet season so the landscape was ... [Read More]
From The Field
Epic Kilimanjaro Climb - Feb 2011
Epic Private Journeys led another successful climb up Kilimanjaro via the scenic Machame route. Led by Kevin Jackson the team of six experienced a variety of weather throughout the climb including periods of rain, snow, wind and sun as they progressed through the various ecosystems. The team consisted of 5 Australians from the beautiful town of Townsville on the northeast coast of Queensland. The group was assisted by 44 local porters and guides who created an amazing experience on the mountain for the team. As we climbed through the various camps we were welcomed with an unusually low snow level that ...
Community Project - Gibaso Village
Bill and Vonnie Wavish came on an Epic Safari which I guided to the Ngorongoro Crater, the northern Serengeti and the Maasai Mara in August of 2010. They came with a group of friends to celebrate Vonnie's 50th Birthday. Whilst at Serengeti Mara Camp in the Lamai Wedge (in the far north Serengeti) Raymond Teekishe - Conservation and Community Development Manager for AfrikaAfrika - and I gave a presentation on the efforts that AfrikaAfrika and Epic were doing in terms of conservation and community development. As a result of this discussion Vonnie and Bill made an on the spot commitment ...
Gorillas, Iconic Tanzania and Chole Island
I have recently returned from an extended trip through Rwanda and Tanzania visiting a number of Epic’s key preferred properties. I was fortunate enough to start with trekking to observe the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This was one of the most rewarding and thrilling adventures I have ever experienced! Despite having visited Africa many times before, this one hour with a band of gorillas, of which Agasha – a 200 kg male – is the head, was one of the most memorable of my life. I then travelled to the Ngorongoro Crater, an absolute icon, where I indulged in the opulence ...
Wilderness Adventure in Australia's Remote Northwest
Trekking, paddling and abseiling their way through the remote north-western Kimberley region of Australia, Brad Horn and his small group of like-minded adventurers have just returned from a spectacular trip. Challenging, yet intensely satisfying, they lapped up the wilderness and camped in swags each night. Of course an Epic expedition wouldn't be right without a little luxury thrown in - they finished up with an extended low level helicopter flight through the dramatic landscape. Check out the video to get the full picture. This adventure was designed for a group of friends all wishing to push themselves and test their mettle in ...
Wildebeest Rescue
For years, poaching has been a way of life (and a means of income) for some Tanzanians in the northern Serengeti region. It is due to the constant monitoring of the area and diligence from the locals like myself and my associates, that the wilderness is now being seen as worthy of protection. Ray Teekishe (our Community and Conservation Manager) and I were doing a liaison visit to the Kenyanganga and Lamai Ranger Posts in the northern Serengeti in September. Sadly we came across quite a number of wire snares. As we continued to find them and pull them up we ...
New Botswana and Zambia Video
Here is a short video taken in Botswana and Zambia, while guiding clients there recently. It was an incredible safari with some amazing game interaction. You will see that we enjoyed many close up encounters including witnessing a cheetah kill, a couple of wonderful sightings of the highly endangered wild dog, leopard on a kill, and numerous fantastic experiences with elephants. Enquire Now
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