A journey is only as good as the people you share it with


Simply epic!

For the past decade, Epic has tailored private journeys to some of the world’s most extraordinary places.

With Epic, you can see the world the way you want to see it, whether it’s an independent or privately guided journey. We customise every itinerary based around your interests and expectations. In our view, there’s no such thing as a “standard” safari or holiday. It has to be special and unique.

Experience our amazing once in a lifetime journeys…and let the destination touch your soul.

Founder's Message

Of course we love it when our guests talk about the accommodation or the food or the service, but more than anything we want people to make that deeper connection.

The smell of wild sage, the dust filtered sunset, the respectful handshake of a guide, the call of a lion in the deep of night. Baubles and beads are lovely reminders of a journey, but we want to touch your soul.

BRAD HORN – Managing Director & Private Guide


Meet the senior operational team

<p>Heather Saunders</p>

Heather Saunders

Director, Operations

<p>Marg O’Connor</p>

Marg O’Connor

Inbound Consultant (Australia)

<p>Anita Campbell</p>

Anita Campbell

Operations Manager (Africa)

<p>Robynne Fleming</p>

Robynne Fleming

Operations Consultant (Africa)

<p>Debbi Meadows</p>

Debbi Meadows

Operations Consultant (Africa)

<p>Bridgit Fried</p>

Bridgit Fried

Sales Executive

<p>Patrick Macleod</p>

Patrick Macleod

Operations Consultant ( South East Asia)

We provide an incomparable level of service, both before and during your time with us. We want you to see Epic as your personal travel concierge. Our service providers are often small boutique organisations, much like us. Over time, through our mutual objectives and shared philosophy, we’ve found each other in the crowd – like-minded people, who understand what going the extra mile really means.


Meet our passionate guides

Your itinerary is designed by our passionate and experienced professional guides. Having ‘lived’ the product, we have a profound understanding of what makes the ultimate trip. We want you to feel the same passion, awe and respect for the places we love. This intimate and direct experience is key to our ongoing success.