A Taste of Tasmania

Tasmania, Australia

Mar 04 2009 Written by:Pedro O'Connor

Do you want to step back in time and take life at a relaxed pace? Then Tasmania is the place to do it. The sparse population ensures there is ample opportunity to get away from the madding crowds with little effort. Think miles of endless beaches with nobody on them. The local people are super friendly and have great civic pride, which is evident in the many beautifully restored townships; the majority of which date back to the early 1800’s when indentured convict labour was exploited to build the colony of Van Diemans Land.

Much of Tasmania remains untouched by human habitation and huge tracts of wilderness are World Heritage listed. Some of the treks within the National Parks are world class and cater to the “Sauvignon Shufflers”, those folks who enjoy the challenge of a hard hike during the day yet demand their luxuries at night. The freshness of the local produce and quality of the island’s wines are a match made in heaven if the guests’ accolades are anything to go by.

I took the opportunity on this occasion to reconnoitre the best locations for a ‘Tassie Devils’ Harley Davidson ride later this year. I hit the road running and scouted out scenic routes that showcase the island’s classic beauty, intriguing history and pubs with plenty of interesting characters. All of these are in abundance within a short ride of each other on this postage stamp sized island.

Get your motor running and get down here! For more details, please contact me.