Arkaba Station

Oct 03 2013 Written by:Marg O'Connor

If I was asked to name one of my favourite destinations in Australia, Arkaba Station in the Flinders Ranges would be in my top 10. The rawness of the ancient landscape moulded by millions of years of geological activity and weathering has produced some of Australia’s most spectacular outback scenery.

Arkaba is a 60,000 acre sheep ‘station’; its craggy sandstone bluffs and dry creek beds lined with River Red Gums are a quintessential Australian scene. For wildlife watching, bush-walking, photography, Aboriginal rock art or just soaking up the sights and sounds of outback Australia, the Flinders is in a class of its own.

To watch the sunrise kiss the Flinders Ranges and turn them a soft pink is definitely worth the early start is one of my favourite scenes in Australia. Arkaba gives you a taste of typical outback hospitality – warm and welcoming with home-style cooked meals in some of the most scenically stunning landscape in Australia.

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