Epic Everest – Update 20 Heading up! Everest summit plan

May 14 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

It’s all systems go – Brad and the Everest team are heading up the mountain!

On Sunday 13th at 3.30 pm the Sherpa team, including Da Thuk Bhote and Tenjing Geljen Sherpa (22 years old), reached the summit of Everest.  – from AC dispatch 13 May 2018. 
The sherpas summit ahead of the expedition team in order to fix the ropes and ladders for the others to ascend.
Congratulations and sincere thanks go to these amazing climbers who have paved the way for Brad and all the Everest climbers.

Everest Summit Plan

A weather window has opened for the coming days.
Here is the Everest summit plan as outlined by Brad on Sunday.
Depart Base Camp in the wee hours tomorrow morning (2am) and climb direct to Camp 2.
This is 7-8 hours through the icefall and up the Western Cwm (pronounces “coom”).  Spend two nights there to enable a rest day.
– Then up the Lhotse Face to Camp 3 for a night on the 16th.
– Then to South Col (8000m) and Camp 4 for a short spell on the 17th.
From there, the plan is to leave sometime before midnight for the summit push which will hopefully put us on the summit of Everest at sunrise or thereafter on the morning of the 18th.


Of course this plan is weather dependent.

Updates will be available via the AC dispatches.
And we will provide any updates from Brad as we receive them.

— From the Epic team along with all our friends and supporters —
We wish Brad and the expedition team the very best as they make this amazing push for the summit of Everest.
‘Slowly, slowly’ – or in Nepali, ‘bistari, bistari ‘- and many blessings for safe climbing…

Brad looking to Lhotse Face - Everest summit Plan