Epic Everest – Update 12 Puja Ceremony

Apr 17 2018 Written by:Brad Horn Photography:Brad Horn

Everest Base Camp – Puja Ceremony

Today was another rest day at Everest Base Camp.  That said, it was a significant day as  our “puja” ceremony was held.


Puja ceremony - Epic Everest Expedition 2018


The Puja Ceremony is very significant from a religious perspective given our Sherpa staff are Buddhist. This ceremony always happens before the first step onto the mountain. Essentially it is asking the gods for permission to climb and for safe keeping.

The ceremony was orchestrated by our Sherpa crew with the assistance of the local Lama. It is about seeking permission and forgiveness to climb “Sagarmatha” – what the Nepalese call Everest, meaning “Forehead in the Sky” – as well as for safe keeping while climbing the mountain.  The ceremony involves lots of rice throwing and culminates with daubing all participants faces with flour.  This is done to signify a grey beard and long life.

Climbers are asked to bring an item they intend to take up the mountain so it can be blessed. Hence the photo of the ice axes and other climbing equipment.

After the ceremony we enjoy a traditional lunch with the sherpa staff.

All in all a great morning.  Now we are set to proceed.

More soon



Puja ceremony offering to the gods - Epic Everest Expedition 2018

Offerings to the gods.


a grey beard signifying long life - Epic Everest Expedition 2018

Fanning the face with flour for a symbolic Grey Beard which signifies long life.


Brad's Puja ceremony blessing from the Lama - Epic Everest expedition 2018

Receiving my blessing from the Lama.


Puja ceremony blessing of ice axe - Epic Everest expedition 2018

Climbers have an item or two blessed that they intend taking up the mountain. Brad chose his ice axe.


Puja ceremony & sherpa lunch - Epic Everest Expedition 2018

The ceremony was followed by a traditional lunch with our Sherpa staff.


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