It is never too late to go on an epic journey

May 28 2019 Written by:Rob Barbour Photography:Rob Barbour

Climbing Kilimanjaro at 70


It’s never too late to step out the door and travel. To experience our wonderful world on an Epic journey of discovery.

Whether it is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, trek gorillas or travel to Antarctica, there is always a way.

Epic works hard to enable anyone, of any age or physical capability to enjoy what our planet offers.

Part of the adventure is in the journey to these remote wild lands. The up close and personal experience with incredible wildlife, landscapes and people make the journey Epic.

Bucket list adventure

Epic has had people into their 80s enjoying active adventures such as safaris, gorilla trekking and remote environment experiences.

Some people feel these adventures are beyond their reach but there is always a way.

I once took a lady with terminal cancer in to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, a travel experience high on her ‘bucket list’.  Local porters carried her in on a carry chair (the bush helicopter). Rangers, porters, the client and guides were all a little teary and I am not sure what the gorillas thought of us!

This lady experienced the greatness of our epic natural world and we were able to make it happen.


We have also had people into their 70s successfully summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Of course, we make it a little longer and a slower trek to ensure adequate acclimation.

And all going well, the result is the same. Incredible personal challenge…and a potentially life changing experience.


Similar aged people have travelled with Epic to Antarctica and Patagonia. They have donned crampons or snow shoes to trek snowy trails and glaciers. They have paddled sea kayaks whilst watching whales breach nearby, all with experienced guides and the best equipment available.


In all of the accommodation and ground services we use, food and transport are more than comfortable and cater for all tastes and requirements.


These are life defining moments that will take your breath away.  And make you glad you stepped out of your comfort zone.

It just takes a dream and the will to begin the journey. And we will do our best to make the dream a reality.


It really is never too late to experience our beautiful world and go on an Epic journey.


So, what’s your travel dream?