The luxury of the experience

The real attractions of Africa

May 28 2019 Written by:Rob Barbour

A Wildlife & Cultural Safari in Tanzania




Many people come to Africa to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.  They experience ‘the Big 5’ wildlife sightings, stay in luxury camps and lodges and enjoy sundowners overlooking the incredible African landscape.


This is the experience of luxury.


Inevitably people leave Africa having had vibrant and memorable experiences with local people who are delighted to host international visitors. Most cultures in Africa put a huge emphasis on mutual respect and community and so are very welcoming.

Cultural activities in Africa can range from city tours, tasting local cuisine and visiting local markets. It can be listening to music or viewing art in the bustling African cities and towns.

It’s also possible to visit local African communities who continue to live a traditional lifestyle.

It is this experience that provides great richness. And can change your perspective on Africa and life.


Local people 

On my most recent safari in to Tanzania to see the great Wildlife Migration, we had the privilege of visiting the homestead (boma) of a Maasai staff member from a local lodge. We met his wives, brothers and mother. They invited us to drink fresh cows milk and to walk with their cows as they started their day by going out to graze.

Luxury of the experience


We also had the opportunity to go on a rotating walk with a group of Hadzabe people. These people are one of the last few hunter gatherer tribes left on the planet still leading a traditional lifestyle.*


It is near too late to go on an epic journey

We watched as they smoked out some bees from a natural hive and shared the raw honey straight from the cone. They expertly lit a fire in less than a minute using fire sticks and proceeded to cook and eat a bush baby (galago) the men had shot with a bow and arrow.


The women in the group showed us medicinal plants and fruit they eat as they walk. Some are stored in a calabash for later.

We stopped for a few minutes to play an impromptu game of spinning tops made from a fruit and a sharp stick. Marvelling in the joy these people found from the simple things in life. Giggling like children at this simple game.

These people live completely in the moment.

It felt as if we were watching ourselves as we would have lived perhaps 10,000 years ago.

Life lessons

These priceless interactions help us reconnect with the wonderful environment that our current society seems so detached from.

Our society has become so attached to ‘stuff’. For real survival we only need rely on each other and the unique set of skills that each individual person brings.

The wildlife in Africa leaves people speechless. But it is those invaluable interactions with local people, the real attractions of Africa, that leave an indelible mark on our souls.

This is the true luxury of the travel experience. 


And the one that we recommend and provide our Epic clients with.

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*The Hadza, or Hadzabe, are an indigenous ethnic group in north-central Tanzania,Known as hunter-gatherers, the Hadzabe are a native tribe that makes its home in the Rift Valley near the Serengeti Plateau. With less than 1000 people in the tribe, in the last thousand years, very little has changed in their way of life.