Uganda – Kidepo National Park

Discovering more of Uganda & photo of White Eared Kob

Jun 05 2013 Written by:Rob Barbour

Where northern Uganda borders Southern Sudan, in the land of the infamous Karamojong cattle herders and raiders is a little known piece of paradise called Kidepo National Park.

This is an area that is as remote as you can get in Uganda. We found a place that both of us feel we could return to many times due to the incredible vistas, superb general wildlife viewing, and incredible birdlife ( 74 species seen in a day)  some of which are endemic just to that area.

All this and just one lodge so you feel as if you have the place to yourself. To top it all off I took these images of a White Eared Kob ( Kobus Kob Leucotis).

Hundreds of thousands of these antelope migrate between their feeding areas in the seasonal flood plains of Southern Sudan but this is believed to be the first recorded and photographed siting of the White Eared Kob in Kidepo National Park. We were privileged to be a part of this first known siting in Kidepo and hopefully this is a sign of appropriate wildlife protection in both Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda.

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