Namibia is definitely a safari destination with a difference. It is famed for its remote and intimate luxury lodges located in starkly beautiful places filled with fascinating desert-adapted wildlife.  For a place that at first glance may seem lifeless, the reality is astonishing: there are approximately 4,000 species of plants, 650 bird species and 80 large mammal species.

Sossusvlei, meaning ‘the gathering place of water’ in the local Nama language – in good years seasonal rains in the foothills of the Naukluft and Tsaris Mountains succeed in reaching the vleis, creating temporary lakes that mirror the sand dunes surrounding them. Sossusvlei’s huge red dunes and flat valley floors make up the archetypical view of the Namib that is world famous.

Damaraland is one of the most scenic areas in Namibia, a huge, untamed, ruggedly beautiful region. Here, prehistoric water courses with open plains and grassland, massive granite koppies and deep gorges. Towards the west, the geography changes dramatically with endless sandy wastes, that are able to sustain small, but wide-ranging populations of desert-adapted elephant, black rhino, giraffe, ostrich and springbok.

The Skeleton Coast is one of the most remote and unique safari destinations. The original inhabitants, the Bushmen, referred to it as “The Land God made in Anger”. The park covers 16,000 sq km and occupies much of Namibia’s northern coastline. The Skeleton Coast is normally associated with the shipwrecks that litter the shoreline, however the area derives its name from the bones of whaling and sealing expeditions that line the beaches.

A country of startling contrasts, Namibia boasts arid deserts, stunning seascapes and endless horizons.  The many national parks and game reserves are home to a kaleidoscope of diverse wildlife and environments.  Namibia is an amazing destination offering some of the most breath-taking landscapes on the planet.
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Best Months
April - October
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9 - 11 Days

Namibia is one gobsmackingly beautiful destinations. Generally a destination for the repeat African traveller it offers a safari in stark contract to the norm.

The remote desert locations of the Namib, the Skeleton Coast and the starkly beautiful Cafema Mountains are akin to another world. Add to that the uniquely adapted desert game and the rich culture and you have a very different safari experience.

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